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Blog Rebranding!

Within the next few weeks I will be working heavily on rebranding my blog. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for the past few months and now it’s finally happening!

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GW2: Living World Season 4 – Long Live the Lich

The third chapter of GW2 Living World Season 4 will be released tonight (26th June)! The previous chapter, A Bug in the System was released back in February, so I’m sure we are all ready to continue the journey… I know I am! You can watch the “Long Live the Lich” release trailer here!

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Smite: 5.10 Patch Notes

Smite patch 5.10 has been announced and should be with us on 12th June for both PC and console. No official release date has been announced, but this is an estimate from the previous two releases since the change in Patch schedule.

*Edit: 5.10 will be released on PC on 12th June, but a console date has not been announced yet. I’ll update when I hear more.

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Smite: 5.9 Patch Notes

Patch 5.9 is the next patch coming to Smite, bringing more balance changes and the next instalment to the Divine Uprising event. This patch will probably be released on 29th May for both PC and Console based on the release time of the previous patch, although there has been no official announcement. PTS is set to released later tonight.

*5.9 will be released on PC and console on Wednesday 30th May!

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Smite: 5.6 Patch Notes

Patch 5.6 will be coming to PC on 10th April and Console on 17th April. This patch will feature a new adventure, the last of the birthday bundles and some HUD updates as well as the usual balance changes.

*Edit: This patch has been delayed on PC until further notice due to some game breaking bugs. Hi-Rez have been working to fix this but have not managed to solve the problems yet. They are hoping to release the patch on Wednesday 11th April.

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Smite: 5.4 Patch Notes

It’s time for another patch! Patch 5.4 will come to PC on 13th March and Console on 20th March.

I didn’t get chance to fully watch the show this week, but I’m so happy they brought back the balance section. I know it’s nice to see the skins, but they really should focus more on balance and game changes. I’ll try and keep this post short as I know I’m overdue with this time…

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