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New Year’s Resolutions!

2018 is here! As it’s been Christmas, I haven’t really had time to play games and get any content to blog with as I’ve been spending time with family. So with that in mind, I guess I’ll share my plans for my blog this year! I’m not normally the type to make any resolutions, but since I’m really enjoying creating posts for this blog, I decided to make a few related ones.

So here they are:

Game Reviews


I have really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts on games I have played, such as the Syberia trilogy. This is something that I didn’t really set out to do as I never really played many different types of games. However, over the past few months, I have bought quite a few games that I didn’t think I would be into such as Nioh, Vermintide, Total War Warhammer and I’ve even purchased a few visual novels.

Although I’m pretty slow at getting through games, and I don’t really own a huge amount like other people out there, I enjoy taking my time to make the best reviews I can. This is definitely something I hope to do more of.


Complete Chuka and Champawat


This was actually my “resolution” last year… and I actually haven’t made any progress whatsoever other than playing WvW for the Gift of Battle. I don’t actually put any money into this game (other than for gems for character slots if I want them), so everything I have needed for Chuka, I have farmed by myself.

Although I will be cutting down on playing Guild Wars to focus on other games, I will definitely be finishing the guides for Chuka as it is just the final crafting stage I am stuck on. I tend to space them out as they require a lot of work to make, but they should all be out this year!

I’ve also started some collections for other Legendary Weapons, so I might even post about those when I do finally finish Chuka!




A friend of mine has been planning for a while to start a YouTube channel. The idea was that I was going to run a blog alongside this for certain things, and maybe even be involved in various things myself. This is still an ongoing project that has been tested but not yet taken off, so I hope we can make something of this in the near future.


So they are the main points I wanted to pick up on. With Christmas and the New Year now over, I’ll be getting back to normal with content. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about or tell me about your New Year’s Resolutions. I’d love to here them!

Happy New Year all!


Planning Ahead!

Hello everyone! I’m taking this post in a totally different direction this time to let you know my plans and ideas (mostly ideas at this stage!) for this blog in the future on a more personal level.

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve barely had any free time this week due to working extra hours and family commitments. It’s also my birthday this weekend so it’s unlikely I’ll have enough time to invest in another Guild Wars 2 Aurora post for the next few days – hence why I’m writing this.

I’ve been here just over 6 months now and I’m honestly surprised at how well this is going and how much I’m enjoying writing these posts. I have no problems admitting that these posts take much longer to produce than I originally expected, and some of the long Guild Wars guides can keep me busy over a few days, but I love writing them and I hope at least a few of you enjoy reading them!

Running up to the new year, I plan to start a YouTube channel with a friend to run alongside these blogs and take the time to play/write about some different games other than Smite and Guild Wars 2. Of course I’ll still be doing those, but I don’t just want to stick to what I know anymore and I hope to broaden my horizons by trying games that I wouldn’t normally choose to play. After all, it’s always good to challenge yourself!

I’d love for you all to get involved so if there’s anything you want to see or know then please feel free to ask. If not, then no problem! Sit back, enjoy and please don’t be afraid to say “Hi” (I don’t bite)!

Hi, I’m new here…

A short introduction to Rockker66.

For a while now I have wanted to post online about some of the games I play. I would like to make a record of some of the things I do which may interest other people.

In this blog I would like to maybe feature some useful info, hints and possibly even short guides on certain aspects of the games I play, or sometimes just some entertaining stories and screen shots.

Hopefully some people will be interested in this kind of thing, but if not then no worries, I’m just starting out anyway and I guess I’ll see how it goes!