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Smite: 5.9 Patch Notes

Patch 5.9 is the next patch coming to Smite, bringing more balance changes and the next instalment to the Divine Uprising event. This patch will probably be release on 29th May for both PC and Console based on the release time of the previous patch, although there has been no official announcement. PTS is set to released later tonight.

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Smite: Divine Uprising

Divine Uprising is the new event brought to Smite with Patch 5.18. This event will introduce the next 3 new pantheons over a series of 9 patches bringing a whole set of new skins and items as well as 3 new gods and a Limited T5 skin!

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Smite: 5.8 Patch Notes

Patch 5.8 is upon us! This patch introduces the first God of the Slavic pantheon and also a new event involving the next 3 new Gods over the next 9 patches! There have been some updates to release schedules so I don’t believe this patch will be released until 15th May for PC and 22nd May for console. PTS is scheduled for release of Friday 4th May.

*Edit: 5.8 will be released for all platforms on 15th May. Chernobog and his voice pack will also apparently be purchasable for 1 favor for a limited time to make up for the free voice pack token expiring (level up rewards) before people who already own all the voice packs could use it.

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Smite: 5.7 Patch Notes

Patch 5.7 will be released on PC on 24th April and console a week later on 1st May. This week it’s a fairly small patch as Hi-Rez prepare for the Slavic God release in 5.8. As Hi-Rez have decided they don’t want any information to leak from now on, we’re not sure about who this God is yet. A preview has been announced for release on Friday, so maybe we’ll find out more then!

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Smite: 5.6 Patch Notes

Patch 5.6 will be coming to PC on 10th April and Console on 17th April. This patch will feature a new adventure, the last of the birthday bundles and some HUD updates as well as the usual balance changes.

*Edit: This patch has been delayed on PC until further notice due to some game breaking bugs. Hi-Rez have been working to fix this but have not managed to solve the problems yet. They are hoping to release the patch on Wednesday 11th April.

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