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GW2: Aurora: Awakening – Draconis Mons Master

Aurora: Awakening is the first set of collections towards the Legendary Trinket, Aurora. If you need to know how to get started and unlock the Aurora: Awakening collection, then please see my introductory post. I have also done posts on other Aurora sub collections, so you can see the posts for Bloodstone Fen Master, Ember Bay Master and Lake Doric Master here.

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GW2: Living World Season 4 – A Bug in the System

The next chapter of Living World was announced last night! This will be the second chapter for Living World Season 4 and will be released on Tuesday 6th March. If you haven’t seen the “A Bug in the System” release trailer, check it out here! It looks like Braham and Rox are going to feature heavily in this chapter, and it looks like it could be an eerie one.

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GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3: Tigris: Naturalist’s Journal

The Naturalist’s Journal is a sub collection for the Chuka and Chamapawat Vol.3: Tigris Collection. This collection has 16 parts consisting of one crafted item and 15 journal entries.

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GW2: Wintersday 2017!

It’s that time of year again! Tixx has returned to Divinity’s Reach to bring all the festivities back to Tyria.

Enjoy the seasonal activities taking place around Divinity’s Reach such as the Bell Choir or Snowball Mayhem to feed your competitive nature. I find the Bell Choir is actually the fastest way to farm Wintersday Gifts, so if like me you need those Wintersday drinks, I find this is the best way as long as you can stick with it for long periods of time!


You could even visit Tixx’s Infinirarium and help Tixx take control of the toys in the workshop or take part in Toypocalypse and defend 5 gift dolyaks from 10 waves of malfunctioning toys. Or if you don’t fancy that, you could always try the Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle (it’s a lot easier than the Hallowe’en Clock Tower, trust me)!


If you want to relax, enjoy the snow an have some fun you could always have a snowball fight with your friends, make some magic snowmen, compete in the mount race or join in defending the gift Dolyak (you’ll be rewarded along the way)!


As usual with the festivals, there are a number of achievements that are available for the duration of the festival. This year there are a few new additions which can be completed annually and then the usual ones. If like me you’ve played Wintersday before, some of these achievements may already have been completed.

The Wintersday Achievements can be found in the Festivals tab in the achievements panel:



There are also Wintersday Dailies. Completing 3 of these per day will count towards the “Season of Merriment” achievement which will give you an Extravagant Wintersday Gift after completing the Dailies for 5 days.


Now is also a good time to work further towards Winter’s Presence as most of the items are only available to get during the Wintersday festival. I started this last year and only need to complete the Festive Imbiber achievement to finish the collection (I have everything I need to craft the Essence of Mischief already), so I’m going to try to farm as many Christmas drinks as possible!


The Gem Store also has a few new and a returning Wintersday items. The Fancy Winter Outfit, Mini Festive Aurene and Snowflake Glider are back, as well as introducing the new Cozy Wintersday Mounts pack (available at 1600 gems – 20% off  RRP of 2000 gems) which contains a new Wintersday themed skin for each of the 5 mounts. The Jackal one is my favourite for obvious reasons… look at those antlers!


Other new content this year includes a new type of snowflake used to craft Snow Diamonds to purchase Enchanted Snowballs. These come in a variety of colours and turn your character into a huge ball of snow. I think you could get the normal Enchanted Snowball previously, but the colours are definitely new.



Can’t say I’ve ever seen purple snow before though… until now.

Merry Wintersday everyone! Enjoy the festivities while they’re still here as the Wintersday Festival is due to end at the beginning of the New Year (most likely 8th January). Stay posted for my Winter’s Presence guide coming soon!

GW2: Aurora: Awakening – Lake Doric Master

Aurora: Awakening is the first official step of the Legendary Trinket’s collections. After you’ve forged your Gleam of Sentience and purchased your Sentient Seed, you will have unlocked these collections. See my Aurora Introductory Post for more information.

Here’s what the Aurora: Awakening collection looks like in the achievements tab:


This post will focus on the Lake Doric Section of the achievement. See my other posts on Bloodstone Fen and Ember Bay here if you’re interested. This is what the Lake Doric Master collection looks like in the achievements tab:


There are 16 parts to this collection so there’s a fair bit to do.

1. White Mantle Elite Guard Mask – You will need to complete the Head of the Snake Mastery Achievement located in the story panel for this chapter. You will need to complete 28 of the 32 achievements listed here to receive the Mask as a reward.

2. Sparkling Jade Shard – Gathered from Jade Fragments. This item will drop from harvesting the Jade Fragments in Lake Doric. It’s a random drop, so just keep going until you get the item.

3. Frontline Defender – Bought from the Heart Vendor located in Doric’s Landing for 7,000 karma. You will need to complete the heart “Aid the front-line defence of Doric’s Landing” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor. Seraph Protector is also bought from this vendor.


4. Fort Evennia Infiltrator – Bought from the Heart Vendor located south of Fort Evennia for 7,000 karma. You will need to complete the heart “Disrupt White Mantle forces occupying Fort Evennia” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor. The Bloodstone Savant’s Staff is also purchased from this Vendor.

5. Friend of Noran – Bought from the Heart Vendor located in Harvest Cascades for 7,000 karma. You will need to complete the heart “Help Noran around the Harvest Cascades” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor.

6. Friend of Cin Fursarai – Bought from the Heart Vendor located in Lakeside Bazaar for 7,000 karma. You will need to complete the heart “Help Cin Fursarai around the Lakeside Bazaar” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor.

7. Friend of New Loamhurst – Bought from the Heart Vendor located in New Loamhurst. You will need to complete the heart “Restore normalcy in New Loamhurst” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor.

8. Friend of Saidra’s Haven – Bought from the Heart Vendor located in Saidra’s Haven. You will need to complete the heart “Help restore life to Saidra’s Haven” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor.

9. Bloodstone-Warped Hoof – Dropped by Bloodstone-Crazed Centaurs. The best place to get this item would be at Watchtower Cliffs, but it might be best to join a leather farm squad to do this quickly.


10. Immelhoof’s Heart – Defeat Siegemaster Immelhoof who spawns at Chieftain’s Hollow as part of the assault on Noran’s Homestead event. He can be defeated in either of the events “Defeat Siegemaster Immelhoof before he reaches the Harvest Cascades” or “Defeat Siegemaster Immelhoof” (if he reaches the Harvest Cascades).


11. Noran’s Survival Kit – Obtained the chest at the end of Noran’s Safe room mini dungeon. You will need to buy a key from Noran before entering the area otherwise you will not be able to open the chest. The key is free, but you need to complete the heart first.


Head into the house and interact with the barrels stacked up in the basement to enter the secret room.


You will come across a small chest part way through the mini dungeon which will give Noran’s Key Oil. Combine this with Noran’s key to be able to open the chest at the end of the mini dungeon.


12. Jade Cannon Controller – Dropped by White Mantle defending Jade Cannons. Again this is a random drop so just keep participating in the “Destroy the Jade Cannon” events until you get the item.


13. Pristine White Mantle – Dropped by White Mantle in Lake Doric. There are White Mantle found all over this map, so jus keep killing them until you get the drop.

14. Seraph Protector – Bought from the Heart Vendor in Doric’s Landing for 210,000 Karma and 30 Jade Fragments. You will need to complete the heart “Aid the front-line defence of Doric’s Landing” to be able to purchase this item from the vendor.


15. Bloodstone Savant’s Staff – Bought from the Heart Merchant south of For Evennia (Exemplar Ylan) for 210,000 Karma and 50 Jade Shards. You will need to have completed the heart before you can purchase this item.

16. Ebon Vanguard Badge – Found near the graves of Ebon Vanguard Soldiers. This item is found in the chest in a cave at the very south-west point of the map in Melandru’s Refuge. The cave is sectioned off with a gate that can only be opened by the Priestess of Melandru who only appears during the night.

To start this event, you will need an Ethereal Torch which is made from a simple stick and then combined with the Ethereal Flame found slightly north-east of the Loamhurst Clubhouse POI.


Now you can start the event. Head south to where the beach reaches the trees at night time and you should see the Priestess of Melandru to the south. If she’s not there then someone else may have already stared the event.


You need to escort her to the gate, lighting rocks using the torch at the base of some trees with the final one being at the gate. If a rock has been missed then the Priestess will disappear and she will respawn again a few minutes later at the starting point. 


Enter the cave where you will have to do a bit of platform hopping to reach the platform with the tomb and the chest on. Reaching the platform will award you with the hidden achievement “Not all who wander are lost” and interacting with the chest will give you the Ebon Vanguard Badge needed for the collection.



I know I was a bit later releasing this as I completed it at the same time as the other sections, but the release of Path of Fire and LWS3 has taken over the show! I hope to post more on the other sections of Aurora soon!

GW2: Living World Season 4 – Daybreak

The first episode for Living World Season 4 was brought to Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday. I didn’t manage to play this on release due to work commitments, but I managed to finish the story this weekend and now I feel like I’m ready to talk about it.

As with the LWS3 episodes, Daybreak came with a new explorable map, Domain of Istan. This area can be found on the very south of the map:



I’ve not fully completed this area yet, but I like it’s layout and environment. There is quite a lot of water with pirates to the north, but my favourite has to be the Arbitrary – it’s beautiful.


There’s also a new mastery “Volatile Magic Resonance” which can be found under the Crystal Champion Path of Fire Mastery line. This costs two mastery points, and on completion allows you to collect Volatile Magic throughout the Domain of Istan (similar to Unbound Magic in Bloodstone Fen). Volatile Magic is the map’s specified currency.


Moving onto the story: I did enjoy the story for the opening episode, and I’m looking forward to what happens next. My only issue is that the story instances play as though I should be partied in a group with other players as the fights are far too overwhelming for one player. It’s not that they’re difficult as such, there are just way too many things to avoid or you become stun locked and die. The story characters do contribute to the fights, but they do not take aggro of the enemies leaving you to take damage from everything. If for any reason you have to retreat, all the enemies will chase you, and your “allies” will also run after you without attacking the enemies as you yourself aren’t damaging them.


Besides that, I loved the progression and variation between open world and story instances similar to the style of Path of Fire and to me this story felt longer than the episodes in LWS3 were. I won’t spoil any of the story, but it was easy to follow and an interesting start to the journey ahead. I’m definitely looking forward to episode 2 and to where we will end up next.