VGC Day 30: What game did you think you wouldn’t like but ended up loving?

Generally I’m pretty good at being able to tell whether I’ll enjoy a game or not before I play it. Obviously there are a few I have doubts with, but typically if I don’t get into a game within the first few hours, I’ll give it a miss in the future.

If you read my Day 6: What game recommendation have you tried this year post, you will already know my answer. The game I am choosing for this category is Nioh. I honestly never thought I would enjoy a game of this style, but after sticking with it (which is so unlike me) I became rather attached.


I play Nioh with my boyfriend using the co-op feature on PC. This is one of the reasons I’ve stuck with the game as I really didn’t enjoy playing by myself at the beginning. If it wasn’t for him encouraging me to stick with it so we could play together, I honestly would have asked for a Steam refund before reaching the 2 hour mark (I got so close)! He knows me better than anyone, so I guess I should’ve really had faith when he told me I’d enjoy it if I just gave it a solid chance… and now I’m really glad I did.


I don’t like to drift out of my comfort zone with games, and I typically dislike games that stress me out. I’m not a huge fan of the “die once and start the whole level again” gameplay, but playing co-op gives you a few chances with the revive function, making it less of a worry.

I’m also a slow learner when it comes to game mechanics which put me off to start with. I also get quite impatient which makes my gameplay lazy and ends up making me frustrated, so my progress is fairly slow… but hey, I’m still going! This means that if we are defeated by a boss multiple times, I’d rather quit and try it some other time than keep trying then and there. Unfortunately this then leaves me reluctant to play again so we don’t get chance to play very often, but when I do get back into playing, I remember how enjoyable this game can be.


The graphics are stunning and I love the Japanese folklore. It’s fun to explore the levels together and try to rescue all the Kodama (they’re so cute!) as well as experiencing new enemies. I’m getting to grips with the fighting style now too which is making me more confident and therefore making my experience much better. I’m definitely look forward to playing Nioh again soon!


That’s it! I’ve finally finished my 30 Day Challenge! Thanks to everyone for reading my posts, I’m just sorry it took me so long to finish. You can check out my 30 Day Video Challenge question list here for links to all my other answers, and also thanks to Megan for creating this challenge! You can see Megan, A Geek Gal’s 30 Day Challenge here!


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