Smite: Divine Uprising

Divine Uprising is the new event brought to Smite with Patch 5.18. This event will introduce the next 3 new pantheons over a series of 9 patches bringing a whole set of new skins and items as well as 3 new gods and a Limited T5 skin!

Each Pantheon will have its own chapter which will span over three patches. During this time there will be a number of items and quests available relating to that pantheon. All the items, pantheons and the new Gods have already been announced which I will talk about in this post, adding the card art as the patches are released.

I’m very impressed with how Hi-Rez have handled this event, making changes over the past few weeks and listening to their players. This event wasn’t very well explained on the 5.8 patch notes show, but Hi-Rez have done a great job interacting with their consumers since then and have created an event that gives the players much more than originally anticipated.

New Gods:

Slavic: Chernobog (Hunter) – Patch 5.8


Voodoo: Baron Samedi – Patch 5.11


Polynesian: Pele – Patch 5.14

Over the course of the 9 patches, there will be quests available for all players to complete. These quests will award players with 900 gems over the 9 patches if they are all completed, but will also award smaller rewards (e.g. 100 favor) on the completion of each individual quest.

Each pantheon will bring a new chest to the game which will feature 9 items relating to the chapters, 3 items per patch. These chest rolls will cost 300 gems per roll, but will only contain the 9 exclusive items relating to that pantheon (7 skins and 2 item bundles).

If you roll each of these chests once, you can get a second roll for 50% off while the pantheon is new (can only be used once per chest). The rolls work on a “pick from three” basis, so for now as there are only 3 items in these chests, you can pick from the three already there. The chances will obviously drop once more items have been added with later patches.

Each item has also been mentioned to be released for direct purchase at 750 gems each, but I have not been able to find this function yet so I’m guessing this will be released in future patches.

Slavic Chest:

  • Fat Loki Cabrakan (5.8)DcOD19qWAAU05Uf
  • Northern Ranger Hachiman (5.8)DcODQaUXUAATQV9
  • Slavic Bundle 1 (5.8)
    • Fountain Skin
    • Loading Frame
    • Music Theme
  • Dragon’s Light Sobek (5.9)
  • Soothsayer The Morrigan (5.9)
  • Dragon Queen Scylla (5.9)
  • Polar Vortex Kukulkan (5.10)
  • Violet Lord Thor (5.10)
  • Slavic Bundle 2 (5.10)
    • Pedestal
    • Recall Skin
    • Announcer Pack

On collection of all 9 of these items in the Slavic Chest, the Galactic Void Chernobog skin will be awarded.


Voodoo Chest:

  • Evil Spirts Bacchus (5.11)
  • Plague Lord Hades (5.11)
  • Voodoo Bundle 1 (5.11)
    • Loading Frame
    • Recall Skin
    • Global Emote
  • Baroness Izanami (5.12)
  • Cyberfox Da Ji (5.12)
  • Shadow Spirit Ah Puch (5.12)
  • Hellscape Cernunnos (5.13)
  • Nightbane Jing Wei (5.13)
  • Voodoo Bundle 2 (5.13)
    • Pedestal
    • Death Mark
    • Announcer Pack

On collection of all 9 of the items from the Voodoo chest, the Half-Life Baron Samedi skin will be awarded.


Polynesian Chest:

  • Motlen He Bo (5.14)
  • Mystic Guardian Athena (5.14)
  • Polynesian Bundle 1 (5.14)
    • Loading Frame
    • Music Theme
    • Avatar
  • Riptide Poseidon (5.15)
  • Sunny Chibi Amaterasu (5.15)
  • Shadow Claw Bastet (5.15)
  • Admiral Ao Kuang (5.16)
  • Titanium Tracker Xbalanque (5.16)
  • Polynesian Bundle 2 (5.16)
    • Loading Screen
    • Pedestal
    • Recall Skin

On collection of all 9 of the items from the Polynesian chest, the Heatsink Pele skin will be awarded.

On the collection of all three skins for Chernobog, Baron Samedi and Pele, the T5 Divine Dragon skin for Bellona will be unlocked! This skin will be a limited skin and will have three different forms depending on what weapon she is using.

divine dragon bellona

In total, you will need to roll each of the pantheon chests 9 times (27 times in total) to be able to unlock this Divine Dragon T5 Bellona skin.

Breaking this down, each chest roll costs 300 gems. To get your hands on the skin for Chernobog, you will need to spend 2,700 gems on chest rolls. However, if you roll the chest before the Voodoo pantheon is released, you will receive one “50% off” coupon and if the quests have been completed then you will receive 300 gems. This means you can essentially save 450 gems per pantheon, costing you 2,250 gems per pantheon.

If you were to do this for each pantheon, then it would cost 6,750 gems for all the items to be able to get the T5 skin. Without completing the quests or receiving the coupons, the whole event would cost 8,100 gems. That’s quite a saving… and it’s definitely cheaper than the Odyssey!

You don’t even have to use your 900 gems from the quests on this event. You could save them and use them towards something else, or even buy one of these skins for 750 gems if there’s one in particular that you have you eye one! In theory it’ll be like choosing a free skin!

For those people that don’t own the God Pack, Chernobog can be purchased for 1 favor for the duration of patch 5.8!

Chernobog’s voice pack can also be purchased for 1 favor too! This is an apology to players who already owned all the voice packs and accepted the free voice pack coupon from the new level up rewards. The coupon expired before the new god came out so some players were unable to get a free voice pack. 1 favor is basically the same as free anyway, so thank you Hi-Rez!

With the change in Patch schedules, I’m not certain when patch 5.9 will be released, but I’ll come back when the card art is released to update this post with images!


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