VGC Day 26: What game can you tell has had a lot of passion put into it?

There can be many aspects that show passion in a game, whether it be the story writing, character development, game design, etc. The game I have chosen is the last of a trilogy which was released 15 years after the first game, but even though the time between the two is wide, you can still clearly tell that these games are related.

Dreamfall Chapters is the 3rd instalment of The Longest Journey trilogy and was released in 2014 by Red Thread Games. This was fifteen years after the original game “The Longest Journey” was released in 1999 by Funcom.


Funcom had already written the plot for Dreamfall Chapters, but they were unable to create it due to their focus on online games, particularly “The Secret World” at the time. For this reason, they decided to licence the game over to Red Thread games.

This is normally a bad sign for games, but this is the part that made me choose this game for the category. Especially for the production of Dreamfall Chapters, Red Thread’s founder hired past employees of Funcom and worked alongside Blink Studios, creating a team of people who had worked on The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey previously. This allowed Dreamfall Chapters to be created by a team who had experience with the other games and you can feel the passion they put into the creation of this third instalment.


Not many of the original fans liked this game from what I’ve heard, but I honestly loved it. Although the style has changed from the point and click style to a third person adventure game, there are so many similarities that have to be applauded. The main protagonist is still Zoe (from the second game) but the old characters are also still seen/talked about as well as new characters being introduced.

I was most impressed with the environment. Arcadia hasn’t changed a bit, and even though it had been 10 years since Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the places are as they were in the older games. I love this familiarity as you knew where places were, even if new settings have been added.


Overall, the main reason I picked Dreamfall Chapters for this category is because the amount of thought put into this game after such a long time between releases is amazing. I loved all three games, but I had the most enjoyable experience playing Dreamfall Chapters and I’m actually really looking forward to replaying it.

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