VGC Day 22: What game were you so enraptured by that you finished it extremely quickly?

When you are really enjoying a game, it can be so hard to put it down sometimes. This is normally the case for me until I get near the end, and then I slow down because I never want it to end! There’s probably only a handful of games that I’ve finished extremely quickly, but there’s one in particular that springs to mind.

Fable 3 (released in 2010 for Xbox 360) was a game brought to my attention by my boyfriend. This was the first game we properly played together back in 2012 and at this point it was unlike any game I’d ever played before. I got completely sucked into the open world environment and was amazed at how much we could actually do.


I was (and still am) impressed with the way the co op gameplay works. Since I was playing as the 2nd character, I was amazed that I could still fully customise the appearance of my character as the game progressed and I wasn’t just given a basic model like the majority of other games do. This made me feel so much more involved and it was actually a great co op experience rather than just following my boyfriend’s character around while he did all the interesting stuff. Did I mention you also get a dog? The 2nd player also gets one too!


There were also other things to do other than the main story such as side quests and even real life elements. You could purchase properties, choose partners and even have children if you really wanted to which was refreshing to do if you just wanted to chill out for a while.

There was also a variety of different areas with different settings. I particularly remember Aurora well as this is where we both decided to settle down and just relax a little before finishing the game.

fable map

Although I have plenty of fond memories of this game, I don’t remember it as much I as thought I did and I would love to play it again. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on Steam… and since our Xbox disc tray broke, I can’t replay it there either. I’ll guess I will have to wait a while and hope it’s as good as I remember it being when I get round to it!


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