VGC Day 12: What is your gaming system of choice?

This should be fairly obvious if you are familiar with my blog. I’ve used a few different platforms over the years, but I will always stay true to my current platform… my PC.

My PC is very important to me. I played a variety of games on the family PC when I was growing up, particularly Sims 2 when I was about 12. I drifted more towards the PS2 in my teens, but I always had a few low demanding games installed on my laptop.

After being introduced to Guild Wars 2, (and practically melting my laptop from how much I played the game) I decided to invest in a gaming PC. This was the best decision I ever made and it really got me into gaming.

Four years later, I still use my PC daily. It’s unlikely I’ll ever change to any other platform as I’m so happy with my setup. The majority of games I own are on PC anyway, so why would I change?

Plus… Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle always have some really great deals!

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3 thoughts on “VGC Day 12: What is your gaming system of choice?”

    1. I’d be completely lost without my PC. I was thinking about getting a PS4 as there are some exclusives I want to play, but I can’t justify spending all that money just to play a handful of games.

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