My Favourite Games For Each Year I’ve Lived

I recently found that The Well-Red Mage has put together a post asking the community what their favourite games were for each year they have been alive. I decided it would be fun to give this a go, so here I am! If you want to give this a go yourself then please feel free, and check out The Well-Red Mage’s post here.

Firstly, I would like to say that I only really started playing games when I was about 8. Before that, I only had access to a few games on our old family PC and I only came to own a PS1 when it was passed down to myself and my brother from some family friends when they upgraded to a PS2.

These games are not classed as my favourite games of that year specifically. They are just my favourites categorised by their release year.


1994 – Jetpack


I am aware that this was 1993 (cheating slightly… sorry!) but it deserves to be in this list. I spent hours on this game when I was younger so had to feature it in this list and I couldn’t think of anything in particular from 94 that stood out for me. The levels were really enjoyable, and although since I was young I didn’t get very far, I will always have fond memories of Jetpack.


1995 – Petz (Dogz and Catz)


I loved this game when I was little. Signing in most days to feed my pets is still embedded in my memories, and if you didn’t look after your pets properly they would run away… which is really quite sad for a kid to experience (even for a game). You could take you pets to different locations, play with them and even dress them up. These games (Dogz/Catz) were sold separately but merged together as one to create Petz if you had both which was really cool.


1996 – Sonic 3D Blast


I really struggled to find a game for this year. In the end I chose Sonic as it’s probably the game I’ve played the most that was released in 1996. Don’t really remember much about it, but who didn’t at least play one Sonic game during their early days?


1997 – Twinsen: Little Big Adventure 2 (a.k.a. Odyssey)


This is probably the game I remember the most from my childhood. I actually forgot about it entirely until about 5 years ago and up until now (after looking it up for the purpose of this post) I’ve found out it is on Steam. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!?! Now I can’t wait to give this another go! I don’t really recall much of the story, but this is a great adventure game that I’m sure I’ll write more about after revisiting it in the future.


1998 – Rugrats: Search for Reptar


This was probably the first platforming game that I played and finished all by myself. I spent hours on this game and remember so many of the missions like the ghosts with the flashlight (that always used to freak me out) and the mission where the house was upside down and you had to pop all these balloons on the ceiling…


1999 – The Longest Journey


I only played this game about 3 years ago, but it has to be one of my favourites. Although it didn’t run that well on my system, I really enjoyed the story and the point and click gameplay was pretty good, all things considered. The whole series pieces together really well too which made it even better for me. Highly recommend this series!


2000 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

pro skater 2

I hate to think about the amount of time I must’ve spent playing these games. Pro Skater 2 and 4 were definitely the ones I played pretty much to death, and the soundtracks were decent too.


2001 – Silent Hill 2


I first experienced Silent Hill 2 when the HD Edition came to Xbox 360 with Silent Hill 3 in 2012. Everything about this game is great: the story, the puzzles, the atmosphere and particularly the music. The composer, Akira Yamaoka, did an amazing job and this is probably the first OST I listened to outside of gameplay. Love this game, definitely the best in the series.


2002 – Higurashi When They Cry: Chapter 1, Onikakushi


I bought this game series in a Humble Bundle package back in December and pretty much picked this game out of the hat to play first. I never really thought I’d like visual novels, and I didn’t know a single thing about this series so I was actually really surprised how good this was and how much I loved it. I’m still working my way through the series, but the first chapter, Onikakushi, is the best so far! I’ve written a review on Onikakushi and the other chapters so check them out if you’re interested.


2003 – Simpsons Hit and Run


This game was practically my childhood. I didn’t even like The Simpsons that much as a TV show, but this game was epic. I recently got my PS2 back out and ended up playing through this again last month and it was just as good as I remember.


2004 – Rollercoaster Tycoon 3


This was a game I could always play to chill out. The campaign mode was really good and replayable, but also quite challenging in places. I bought Planet Coaster on release since I couldn’t get RCT3 to work anymore, but I much prefer RCT3. I didn’t actually realise how old this game was until now!


2005 – Animal Crossing: Wild World

animal crossing

The best game on DS! I played this game a lot when it first came out. I collected so much stuff until I could no longer move in my house and flee markets became a problem… Recently I tried the mobile version, and although the nostalgia kicked in, unfortunately it’s just not the same.


2006 – Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


This is the second game of the series and although it’s no longer a point and click game but a 3rd person adventure instead, the world, characters and topics from the first game are all still relevant. I love this about the series, and the change of protagonist was a good choice too. Probably my least favourite in the series, but definitely worth it if you’ve played The Longest Journey.


2007 – Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock


I had all the GH games, but Legends of Rock was definitely the best, most memorable and had the best playlist. World Tour was also pretty good with the whole band setup. This series also inspired me to want to learn guitar myself, so thanks to this game I can actually play an instrument.


2008 – Mario Kart Wii

mario kart

Not normally a fan of racing games, or the Wii… but this game was pretty great. I spent so long on this game, unlocking all the bonus characters, finding all the short cuts, trying to beat my brother’s time trials… and of course trying to master the dreaded rainbow road.


2009 – Sims 3


I was late to the party with this game, picking it up a few years after release as an upgrade from Sims 2. I ended up buying all the expansions (except into the future and the stuff packs) and I’ve racked up almost 3K hours on this game over the years, still occasionally visiting it again for a few days here and there. Definitely the best game to waste time on.


2010 – Fable 3


There was just something I liked about this game. I played it with a friend using local multiplayer, and as the 2nd player I felt like I actually had a character which is unusual for this type of game. I liked the whole customisation touch with the real estate and you could even have a family aside from the story. I know it’s not the best game, but I did really enjoy it at the time.


2011 – Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


I haven’t actually finished this game yet. I was enjoying it a lot so I decided I wanted to play the first Witcher before I got too far into it, which I never actually got round to playing so I never finished the 2nd one either. I remember having a great experience with this game and I definitely want to explore the Witcher series sometime soon as the 3rd one looks super good.


2012 – Skullgirls


This is such an underrated game and is by far my favourite fighting game. The art is great, the music is great, the animation is great and there’s a strong selection of characters. When the DLC characters were released, they were free for the first few weeks of release which was awesome for the fans. Even if you didn’t get the free characters at the time, I’d say the game is pretty cheap anyway for the amazing quality.


I couldn’t go without mentioning Guild Wars 2. My life evolved around this game when I first started playing, and it’s still a huge part of my gaming life now. I just really wish I’d played it from the very beginning as I really would’ve loved to experience Scarlet’s attack on Lion’s Arch.


2013 – Rayman Legends


This is such a fantastic platformer game. There are plenty of levels, all varying in style and difficulty. Some levels require you to complete it within a time frame, some levels you will find yourself being chased, and others you can just relax and take your time. Multiple people can also play this game locally which is a really nice feature. My favourite levels have to be the musical rhythm levels at the end of each stage where the actions in game sync with a song, Black Betty being the best!


2014 – Dreamfall Chapters

dreamfall chapters###

This is the third and final game in The Longest Journey series. I played this game just over a year ago and I was really impressed. I love how the world and even the map has been replicated after all these years and the story was incredible. The game looks beautiful and the gameplay elements are strong, with elements of decision making to give you slight changes in outcome. Definitely would recommend.


2015 – Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition


I never completed this game due to the amount of content it holds. It allows you to play in a variety of different ways, e.g. you could create a sneaky character who pickpockets keys to places you need to go, or you could make a respectable, persuasive character who can charm people into handing their keys over for the same mission. The diversity this game offers is vast and I must’ve played the first part of the game 4 times just to experience these opportunities. The map is huge and the choice of an open world game with turn based combat has been done well. I would definitely like to experience this game more in the future.


2016 – RWBY Grimm Eclipse


After being a huge fan of the RWBY series, I was so excited to get this game. The art style is really cool and gives a great atmosphere to the game. The animation is also great and true to the series with the original voice actors and similar story quests. I wrote a review on RWBY Grimm Eclipse if you’re interested to see more.


2017 – Nioh


Nioh isn’t my typical type of game, however, I am actually really enjoying it so far. I bought this game to play co-op with a friend which we struggled to do until after the first boss. I am enjoying the combat even though I’m far from mastering it yet and it’s quite refreshing for me to play a game of this style. I’m looking forward to progress as the story has just begun, but I hope to write more about this game in the future.

Although Nioh is a great game, I mainly chose it because it’s actually the only new release I’ve played. As you may know from reading other posts, I really regretted not buying Nier:Automata when it was on sale, and I’ve also bought Okami which I haven’t had chance to play yet. Saying that, all three of these games technically aren’t new releases for 2017 as they are all games released originally for other consoles. On this occasion though, I will let that slide as they were new to PC last year! Maybe if I had decided to play other games first, this answer may have been different.

Hope you all enjoyed my list. If you want to give it a go then please feel free and let me know your choices too!



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