Syberia Review

Syberia was released in 2002, both developed and published by Microïds. This is the first game of a Trilogy: Syberia 2 (2004) and Syberia 3 (2017) also developed and published by Microïds. I bought this game about a month ago in the Steam Summer Sale.

Syberia is a point and click adventure game where you play as Kate Walker, an American lawyer who has been sent by her boss to Valadilene in the French Alps to complete the paperwork for a sale of an Automaton factory. However, things don’t go to plan and Kate ends up going on an unexpected adventure to authorise the sale of the factory as well as to satisfy her own curiosity along the way.


It took me 12 hours in total to complete this game. It’s very relaxed with no quick time events, jump scares or anything of the sort so you can take your time and have a calm experience. You also only need a mouse to play. The puzzles aren’t difficult, maybe slightly too simple in some places and there was only one part of the whole game I had to look up (the drink machine puzzle) because the game told me I’d done the puzzle wrong even though I hadn’t, I’d probably just not pressed the buttons fast enough!

The story is pretty good although it is quite coincidental at times which ruins it a little bit, but I suppose if it wasn’t then it would go on a lot longer. There are plenty of dialogue options with other characters and certain conversations will trigger other conversations and topics with other people, so make sure you exhaust all the speech options when talking to someone new as sometimes the categories don’t actually give the answer you think they will.


The game has a steady progression with different areas to explore as you play on. There are some cinematics and there are some items you will find to give you more information about the story which is optional to read. I found a diary which took me about 15 minutes to read but it was interesting to learn about the characters.


You start in a hotel in Valadilene. Above is a screenshot from my game. As you can see the graphics are nothing special, but it’s pretty good for 2002. The settings are done nicely but the characters don’t quite match up… but it can be overlooked.

This is a screenshot of my inventory. Everything you collect is placed in here. There’s a hand and an eye icon at the top which signifies if you want to pick something up or read it. 


This is your dialogue box. Here it will list all the possible conversation options you can use to interact with people. For now, at the beginning of the game, there is only one but more will become available later.


Tip: Double click to run! It saves so much time rather than walking everywhere. There are some places it will not allow you to run though.

Overall I had a great experience playing this game. It was interesting, simple and very calming to play. The story was good and it ended well with a rounded off ending to the first game, but with a slight cliff hanger for what’s to come in the second game. The characters were relatable and there’s hints to Kate’s personal life which is nice too, but I just wish it hadn’t been so coincidental and lasted just that little while longer. The majority of the voice acting was done very well, with a few exceptions and the music is great and rather catchy.

I would definitely recommend this game to people who like adventure, story driven games and don’t mind old graphics. If you’re looking for a game that isn’t demanding and something where you can relax while you play then this is a game you should try.


I’m looking forward to playing Syberia 2 and I’ll post about that when I’m done!


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