Smite: 4.14 Patch Notes

Another decent sized patch this week filled with plenty of new content. The first thing to mention is obviously the release of Artio, the Celtic Guardian, who has been leaked a few times over the last few weeks including at Dreamhack. The Summer Split has also come to an end with the Fall Season Ticket coming with this patch. And of course, the Summer of Smite continues… follow the link for my information post.

As always, here are the Official 4.14 Patch Notes!


New God

So, best things first…. Artio! She is a Stance changing Celtic Guardian. Fantastic card art!


When I first heard about this God, I was quite excited about her. I don’t normally play Guardians, but I think she has so much utility and once you get used to playing her, I think she will be a desirable pick. She can change between Druid and Bear form at the press of a button (working like Hel, Ullr and Tyr) so you can swap stance at any time, with her ability effects carrying on after you change form.

Passive: Decompose. Hitting enemy Gods with abilities in either Druid or Bear form reduces the enemy God’s physical and magical protection by 3%, last 4 seconds and can stack up to 8 times. Her passive meter also displays the cooldowns for the opposite stance you are in.

Ability 1:

  • Druid Stance: Energy Surge. Artio damages enemies around her within 55 units. For each enemy hit, she will heal herself and any other allies within the 55 units. This ability will damage minions, but it will not heal unless an enemy God is damaged.
  • Bear Stance: Maul. Artio slashes twice in a cone in front of her, one swipe to the left and then to the right dealing damage on both swipes.

Ability 2:

  • Druid Stance: Entangling Vines. Vines are summoned in an area around Artio. Enemies that are caught in these vines are crippled and output less damage while stood in the area. The vines do no damage.
  • Bear Stance: Ferocious Roar. Artio roars, stunning all enemies around her and increases her own physical and magical protections for 4 seconds. This also does no damage.

Ability 3:

  • Druid Stance: Life Tap. Artio drains the life out of enemies, dealing damage and healing herself up to 5 times (channelled ability with 5 ticks). Each instance of damage applies an increasing slow and enemies that take damage from all 5 pulses will be rooted for 1 second.
  • Bear Stance: Heavy Charge. Artio charges forward with increased movement speed, slowing and damaging any enemies she passes through.

Ability 4: Shapeshift. Artio changes between Druid and Bear form. The stance change can be active without any level points in it, but adding points will entitle you to the passive. The Shapeshift passive works alongside her Decompose passive. Artio gains movement speed and MP5 when hitting enemies with abilities, stacking up to 8 times for 4 seconds. This ability has no mana costs with a cooldown of 1 second.


Fall Season Ticket

The Fall Split will begin with patch 4.14. Same as with the other splits, you can purchase the Season Ticket bundle for 400 gems which will unlock the Limited Dr Madlove Cupid skin, voting, quests for Fantasy Points, boosters and double FP gain throughout the Split.


Critical.DMG Ne Zha will also be available as a FP level reward, not sure if this will be the level 20 reward or if it will be on par with the Mercury skin at level 17. As you can probably tell from the name, it is the same design as the Run.EXE Mercury skin with the colour cycles.

Ranked has had another soft reset along with some changes as part of the Project Olympus update. These changes include:

  • Pick/Ban Phase – Planning. This feature allows you to highlight the god you want to play and a god you want to ban at the beginning of the selection. This phase lasts for 30 seconds and will help other players pick and ban without banning a God someone wants to play. This isn’t as useful for PC as it will be for Console, but I’m sure it will be a really useful feature during drafting.
  • Matchmaking. You will now be able to see your Earned Division rank (only personally, not publically) and not just the public Matchmaking rank. See the official patch notes as they will explain better than myself.
  • Fantasy Point Tipping. A portion of your Fantasy Points can now be tipped to another player, so now you can let people know when you appreciate something they did in game.

A Fall recall skin will also be available to unlock by completing Ranked quests.




The Awilix Midnight Dove Community skin is here! Actually really pleased with how this came out, not a huge fan of the tiny wings though. If you’ve seen my posts before, you may have seen posts throughout the process of the community vote regarding this skin.

I would just like to say good job community for voting for this skin, well done Hi-Rez for releasing this skin on time, and congrats to Oreo for designing such a great concept! To see Oreo’s concept art see my Angelic Awilix post. Oh, and Suku talks…

This Midnight Dove skin will be available for 600 gems direct purchase. I knew it would be 600 gems and I do agree that it is priced correctly, but it’s just annoying how there are only 2 purchasable skins for Awilix and they are both 600 gems… The Fallen Lord Chronos skin last year was released with an offer where you could buy it at a discounted price for the first week or so. I’m not sure they will do the same for this one, but you never know.

The new skins added to the Summer of Smite this week are SPF666 The Morrigan and Freaky Tiki Ah Puch. The skins for this event are really strong compared to last years designs in my opinion.


I really like The Morrigan’s skin. The card art doesn’t really do anything for it, but the pentagram swimsuit design suits her character well. Although she has her original voice, new voice lines have been added which I like. I’m definitely picking up this skin and will hopefully be playing her a lot more, despite her nerf this patch (see God changes).


Freaky Tiki is also here. I do like the design, but I’m not crazy about it. His minions have been changed into roasted pigs that explode into flames when blown up which I think ruins the skin for me. Overall nice concept and love the mask design.


Terra and Cu Chulainn have also got Tier 2 skins (250 gems) now. I love the Terra one, especially the card art. The dark colours and the green look great together. Terra is also my highest ranked Guardian so I’ll probably pick up this skin at some point. Cupid’s mastery skins have also been updated.

Awilix and Ah Puch now have a dance emote.


Item Changes

Bracer of Undoing (standard and upgraded) – Reduced the amount of health and mana restored from 50% to 40%.

Atalanta’s Bow – Increased movement speed duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

Demonic Grip – Reduced magical power from 60 to 40, increased attack speed from 15% to 30%, reduced cost from 2300 to 2150.

Hastened Ring – Increased haste duration from 4 seconds to 6 seconds, decreased time it takes for haste to happen again from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.


God Changes

Anhur – Increased Disperse damage from 50-210 to 70-230. Desert Fury’s cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 75 seconds.

Cernunnos – Shifter of Season’s Summer Heat has had a physical power scaling reduction from 10% to 5%. Horn Charge has had a damage reduction in the early game from 90 – 230 to 70 – 230. His ultimate, Wild Hunt, has an increased cooldown from 90 seconds to 100 seconds.

Freya – Increased her base attack speed from 0.95 to 1. Increased base damage from 20 – 60 to 30 – 70.

Osiris – Removed the damage reduction on his Judgement Tether when an enemy was tethered.

Raijin – Cooldown increase on Charged Tempo from 1 second to 2 seconds, Percussive Storm now pierces through Gods and Taiko Drum’s self slow has been reduced from 40% to 20% making it easier to chase during his ultimate.

The Morrigan – Decreased Confusion’s Stealth Duration from 4 – 8 to 4 – 6 and changed mana cost from 70 at all ranks to 60 – 80.



From 28th to 30th July, earn double XP to boost your player levels. Anyone close to level 160?


It’s also the last time to get your hands on the Vampiric Scylla skin which is part of the Summer Split’s Season Ticket bundle. This will no longer be available after the 4.14 patch release.

Come back in 2 weeks time for all the details on patch 4.15!


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