GW2: Expansion Announcement!

The release of Living World Season 3 Episode 6 earlier tonight brings an end to the Chapter.






I recommend not reading any further until you have completed all the LWS3 story.





Well okay then, if you’re sure! Read on!

If like me, you have completed the story already, you will have already seen a teaser of what’s next to come for Guild Wars 2…



With the closing line of LWS3 from your playable character:

Ok. Looks like I’m going to the Crystal Desert.

YAY! I’ve always wanted to go to the Crystal Desert after reading the book “Edge of Destiny” and hearing about the story of Destiny’s Edge and Kralkatorrik.

I can’t express how excited I am for the expansion and seeing what more ArenaNet can bring to the world of Tyria following the Heart of Thorns expansion. Mounts, maybe?

To see my Path of Fire Announcement or my Path of Fire Demo Weekend posts, follow the links!



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