GW2: Living World Season 3, Episode 6 FINALE: One Path Ends

Last week the final episode for Living World Season 3 was announced for release on Tuesday 25th July. Earlier, an official trailer for the final episode was posted, click here to see the “One Path Ends” Trailer.

During the release of “Flashpoint” (episode 5), it sounded like there would be 2 more episodes to the Living World Season, but “One Path Ends” (episode 6) has been confirmed to be the finale.

I’ll be sad to see the Season end, but I hope the story ends with something to remember as personally I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the story so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the new area brought to Tyria with this episode as I was really impressed with Draconis Mons. And who knows, maybe ArenaNet are working on another expansion…

*Edit (19/7/17) 5pm GMT: On that note, this Guild Wars 2 Teaser Clip was released 5 minutes ago with the caption “Where one path ends, new growth begins”. Could this be a teaser as to what’s to come after the events of LWS3?

Again, I don’t really want to mention anything about the story in case some people haven’t played the other episodes yet, but let me know any theories you might have about how it’s all going to end! I’ll let you know my thoughts next week after I’ve completed the final part of the LWS3 story.

So, are you ready to save Tyria?


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