Smite: 4.13 Patch Notes – Mid-Season Patch

This Patch is a big one! For those of you that didn’t see that Patch Notes show last night, it went on for an hour and a half, an hour of which was just Hinduman and Ajax reading out all the changes to relics, balance and gods. My head hurt. Because it was live from Dreamhack, Valencia (which started today on they didn’t have their usual set up so it seemed to go on forever.

Anyway, here are the 4.13 Official Patch Notes as usual.

There’s so much that I don’t even know where to start! The Summer of Smite is returning this patch and a new reward system has been added, but I will talk more about those later.

Project Olympus:

Project Olympus is a new project designed to make the gaming performance better for players. Listed below are all the features that are being added with this patch but there will be more added in upcoming patches running up to Season 5!

Engine and Systems (all added with patch 4.13):

  • Support for DirectX 11 video cards
  • 64-bit client support
  • High-definition texture DLC for PC — improves the performance and visual quality of gods and maps.
  • Screen Percentage Graphics Support — allows players a finer control over video performance.
  • Multi-Queuing for Casual Modes
  • Brand-new Wisdom Video area with 30+ tutorial videos for both new and experienced players.
  • Prestige Levels – Allowing players to go from level 30 all the way to level 160!
  • Triumphant Chests — This is a new system that allows players to collect chests in a systematic way for each win! Players will have the ability to speed up their acquisition of chests with favor or gems.
  • Siege Map optimizations and improvements! Game rules have been revisited and map environment optimized.
  • Console Notifications Log — This is a long-awaited feature that allows console players to see events that have occurred during their play session.

I took this from the Official Smite Project Olympus page, so check that out if you want to see what will hopefully be added in patches 4.14 and 4.15!

Just to highlight a few things from Project Olympus:

Prestige Levelling – comes with new achievements.

  • Follower Prestige – Reach Level 31.
  • Acolyte Prestige – Reach Level 51.
  • Elder Prestige – Reach Level 71.
  • Ethereal Prestige – Reach Level 91.
  • Divine Prestige – Reach Level 111.
  • Immortal Prestige – Reach Level 131.
  • Godlike Prestige – Reach Level 151.
  • Ultimate Prestige – Reach Level 160.

According to Ajax there are fewer than 100 people who are the maximum level of 160 (works out about 5.5 million XP), so I’m interested to see what level I come out at.

Triumphant Chests:

You can now earn chests weekly by winning games. Not 100% sure how this will work yet but it sounds like you have 4 slots to win chests per week which will be reset on Tuesdays. You will be able to buy extra slots to unlock more chests with 2750 favour or 75 gems each week. There will be different types of chest, including the new Godlike chest which will include the new Head Over Heels Cupid skin (his head is even bigger than usual).


Map Changes:

There have been so many changes to conquest. I suggest you check the official patch notes for those as there are too many number changes for me to list here. The main change has been experience decreases during the game and the Phoenix base health and respawn health being super buffed (respawn health from 5% to 25%)!

Siege has been looked at as well this patch. New trees have been added to reduce frame rate issue, the attack speed buff is now a movement speed buff, pre-game has been reduced to 60 seconds and now when killing a Siege Juggernaut (in lane) the team who defeats it will receive 75 XP and 100 gold.

Clash XP spooling was 6XP now down to 4XP, and Joust will have reduced gold spooling from 8 gold to 6 gold.



  • Aegis (Upgrade) – No longer cleanses roots and slows.
  • Blink (Upgrade) – Gives 10% damage reduction for 2 seconds after blinking.
  • Bracer – Increased health and mana lost from 50% to 60% in last 5 seconds, and no longer takes off 3 seconds from abilities currently on cooldown. (Can’t believe they actually buffed this!)
  • Bracer (Upgrade) – Added the 3 second subtraction back to all abilities on cooldown but increased cooldown from 100 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Cursed Anhk (Upgrade) – Now increases mana costs for enemies by 20% and increases enemy cooldowns for of abilities used during cast time by 2 seconds.
  • Heavenly Wings – Now gives slow immunity on both standard and upgraded versions.
  • Horrific Emblem (Upgrade) – Now all enemies in the radius deal 20% less damage to allies.
  • Magic Shell – Now gives a health shield for 3 seconds on activation (like Geb’s shield) for 100 health and 15 health per level. The upgraded version also blocks 2 basic attacks.
  • Meditation (Upgarde) – Now gives a buff reducing allies mana costs by 30% and reducing cooldowns to abilities cast by 1 second. HP5/MP5 buff removed.
  • Phantom Veil – Removed 40% crowd control reduction and knockup immunity.
  • Phantom Veil (Upgrade) – Added 40% CC reduction and knockup immunity and reduced damage taken by 15%.
  • Thorns (Upgrade) – Enemies can only lifesteal up to 50% on people using thorns.
  • Sunder – Removed True damage and added damage dealing 15% of target’s current health. Removed increased damage buff (this is basically now useless). Upgrade gives 20% increased damage taken to the target.
  • Teleport – Can no longer teleport to wards until upgraded.


New Items:


Although this item has been removed, the haste effect has been separated and added to three different, but similar, items:

  • Hastened Katana – For Melee Physical Gods only. 25 Physical Power, 20% Attack Speed and 10% Movement Speed.
  • Hastened Ring – For Magical Gods only. 50 Magical Power, 20% Attack Speed and 7% Movement Speed.
  • Atalanta’s Bow (Build from Hunter’s Bow) – Not sure if this is just for hunters or if it is for any physical God. 30 Physical Power and 20% Attack Speed.

Witchblade has also had it’s antiheal passive removed and another antiheal item has therefore been created. Toxic blade is a new antiheal item designed for antiheal on basic attacks, great for hunters and some assassins. Each basic attack adds 20% reduced healing which can stack 3 times and lasts for 5 seconds.

Shaman’s Ring has been re-designed into an evolving item. The passive now gives you a stack each time you deal 100 damage to an enemy which can stack up to 50 times. Once you reach 50 stacks, you can mark an enemy by hitting them with an ability. Then for 5 seconds, damage dealt by you will increase by 10% on the marked enemy.


Item Changes:

Rangda’s Mask is now also an evolving item. Now you gain 1% movement speed and 1% cooldown reduction per stack (gaining a stack for an assist or 2 stacks for a kill) and upon reaching 10 stacks, the icon will evolve and grant you 15 penetration.

Frostbound Hammer has also been nerfed for ranged Gods. Ranged basic attacks give a 20% slow, but a 30% slow still remains for melee Gods.

Celestial Legion Helm has also been changed. Every 2 seconds you gain a stack of 10 physical protections as long as you have not been hit by physical damage for 5 seconds. When you are hit with physical damage these stacks are removed per instance of damage.

Vampiric Shroud has had its lifesteal removed, and now gives 6 health and 3 mana per target hit. If you hit a minion wave with 1 ability, you will get health and mana per minion, not per ability.

Relic Dagger has had its attack speed removed, health increased from 200 to 250 and it now reduces all relic cooldowns by 30 seconds.

Telkhines Ring has had a huge change. The 20% attack speed has been removed and replaced by 10% movement speed and, the new passive, each time you deal damage with an ability you gain a stack of 20 magical power which can stack up to 3 times and lasts 5 seconds.


Raijin Rework:


  1. Passive – After casting 5 abilities, Raijin’s abilities that are on cooldown will have their cooldown reduced by 1 second.
  2. Percussive Storm – Increased damage from 25 – 85 to 35 – 95, decreased mana cost from 80 – 100 to 50 – 70 and the first 2 shots have been adjusted to travel down the centre of the targeter.
  3. Raiju – Deals 15 – 55 damage every 0.5 seconds over 2.5 seconds. A slow of 15% has also been added to the marked target and when Raiju is triggered, the target is slowed by 30% and the 15% slow spreads to nearby enemies. The cooldown has been reduced from 18 seconds to 15-11 seconds.
  4. Thunder Crash – Raijin is now targetable until he leaves to his new location.
  5. Taiko Drums – Damage on the Taunt and Fear has been reduced from 50% to 30%. The sounds and animations have also been changed to help distinguish which drum is being used. The cast time has also increased from 4.5 seconds to 7 seconds.


God Changes:

Ao Kuang – New passive: Each time Ao Kuang executes an enemy God with his ultimate, he gains a permanent stack of 15 magical power and 5% magical lifesteal. This stacks up to three times. His base mana stats have also been adjusted due to his passive change.

Bakasura – Upon eating a large minion at 33% health, Bakasura gains two minions for his ultimate. His ultimate has also been decreased to from 90 seconds to 90-70 seconds level permitting.

Chronos – Wheel of time (old passive) has been featured into Accelerate. The new passive gives Chronos 3 magical power every 2 minutes which can stack up to 25 times (50 mins fully stacked with a total of 75 magical power).

Chiron – Training Exercise now adds marks to enemies hit for Masterful Shot.

Kuzenbo – Nene Kappa now slows upon the initial shell hit. Sumo Slam now has a sharper turn radius and the cooldown has been decreased from 16 seconds to 16-12 seconds. Watery Grave (ultimate) now knocks enemies up more and doesn’t push them away as far.

Ne Zha – Increased the time by 0.25 seconds for an opponent to use beads before being taken into the air in Wind Fire Wheels. Also, players who have been ulted by Ne Zha will have their beads silenced while in the air so they cannot be wasted, as at this point using beads will do nothing to save them.

Nemesis – Slice and Dice damage increased from 80 – 280 to 100 – 340 and slow decrease from 30 – 50% to 30% at all ranks.  Protection shred on Divine Judgement has been decreased to 30%.

Nu Wa – Clay Soldiers can now be selected to target a certain enemy within 40 units. They do not need to have a target selected to be cast, but selecting a target will cause the minions to run through everything to get to the target and chase the target until the enemy or the clay soldiers die. The clay soldiers can also dash through other targets and add the debuff (magical protection shred), but they will only damage the target

Susano – Susano has a new passive. Each time he damages an enemy with an ability he gains a stack up to 4. At 4 stacks, his next ability will do 25 + 60% of his physical power.



Lets break all this text up with some card art! Not many skins this patch, but Cernunnos has a new T2 (250 gem) skin, Cu Chulainn has Mastery skins and Freya has a new sci-fi themed skin (not sure how you get this one, but it looks like a 400 gem skin to me).




Daji and Kuzenbo also have new skins as part of the Summer of Smite event. These are exclusive skins and will be directly purchasable in game during the time of the event (most likely 400 gems each).



I actually can’t believe Kuzenbo has ANOTHER skin! He has so many and is pretty new himself, and I don’t see him picked much at all. Maybe his buffs will alter that as well as how different this skins is. I personally like the Foxy Lady Da Ji one even though I didn’t think I would so I’ll probably be buying it at somepoint. I’ll see what other skins the Summer of Smite has to offer first!


Summer of Smite:


The Summer of Smite will have 8 skins. From the pictures I have seen it looks like the skins will be for:

  • Kuzenbo
  • Daji
  • The Morrigan
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Amaterasu
  • Chiron
  • Bacchus
  • Xbalanque

I’m not sure if these skins are all purchasable exclusives (while the event is active) or if one of them will be the Limited reward for purchasing all the other ones. The way Ajax was describing it sounds like you buy a skin, complete 2 quests and then you can pick your extra reward, e.g. pedestal. If that’s the case then there will be 7 bonus rewards that you can earn alongside the skins.

There are seven keepsakes to claim, plus an ultimate reward only available when you collect all eight Skins: one honey of a Limited Skin, only available during Summer of SMITE 2017!

Sounds like the Bacchus Bear skin could to be the limited reward… but if so then what will be the 8th skin you will have to buy to earn this reward? I guess we’ll find out soon.

*Edit: The 8th skin is Freaky Tiki Ah Puch which will be available for purchase. The Limited skin is indeed the Bearly Buzzed Bacchus skin which is only obtainable through purchasing the other 8 skins.

For any other information please visit the Official Summer of Smite page.




The Odyssey 2018 T5 skin has been announced. Check out my T5 winner post to find out the result!

Artio is the next God coming to Smite in patch 4.14. She is a Celtic Guardian and will be a stance changing god (like Hel) with a Druid form and a Bear form. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will turn out and maybe I might actually find a Guardian that I like to play!

If you haven’t linked your Smite account to your Twitch account, do it now! Watching Smite tournaments will award you with chests such as the Regular and Big Event chests which can drop fantasy points, gems, the Twitch Ymir and Bellona skin as well as other chest drops and Exclusive skin drops. Today I got an Odyssey 2017 chest (giving me Agni’s VP) and I won a Ra’Merica skin!


To celebrate Dreamhack, you receive double fantasy points until 16th July so it’s time to earn those next level rewards. I’ve been saving my fantasy point boosters for this so I know what I’ll be doing all weekend! Heads up – the Fall Season Ticket is due to release in patch 4.14.


Gem Packs are 33% off on all platforms until July 19th! If you’re thinking of buying anything from the Summer of Smite, now is a good time to get prepared.

Lastly, the Venus Aphrodite skin is now available as part of a Hand of the Gods bundle. The bundle is on sale for $14.99 (25%) off at the moment (about £11.50) but will later be available for purchase at $19.99 if you want to purchase it at a later date.


Congrats to anyone who read this far, you deserve a medal!


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