Smite Odyssey 2018 T5 Skin Vote: Top 3

The time has finally come for Hi-Rez to release the top 3 skins that are in with the chance of becoming this year’s Odyssey T5 skin. The winning T5 skin will be the final reward for the Odyssey 2018 which will happen later this year.

*Edit: Voting has now closed and the T5 winner has been announced!

Firstly, here is the link you need to vote:

Jing Wei, Medusa and Ullr have been chosen and are now open to votes with the theme of the Elements. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT THE FINAL DESIGNS SO MAY CHANGE SLIGHTLY DURING PRODUCTION. ALL CONCEPTS WILL STAY THE SAME.

In my opinion these concept designs are lacking something considering they’re meant to be T5 skins. They will cost a lot in game to be able to unlock and I don’t think the entries are as strong as last year’s top 3. However, I do like the designs, I just hope Hi-Rez can put in some great effects to the winning skin and really make something great out of it (because after all, these are just concepts)! Let me know your thoughts.


Jing Wei:

jing wei

Jing Wei will change elements each time she uses her passive.

I really like this idea. Although the designs don’t seem to change much apart from differing in colour, I am pleased with the model overall. I think Hi-Rez will try to change some details to make the forms look slightly different (like the Medusa skin) during production if this wins otherwise it will be a pretty poor T5 compared to the others already in game.

When triggering her passive, Jing Wei will transform into a bird during flight, and switch element upon landing. I really like this way of the skin progressing as you will be able to go back to base to check out the other forms and it will be simple to swap form during game. With Anubis’ T5 last year, because the skin changed form per level, you barely got to see the first form as you start at level 3 in most games (even level 5 in some cases) and if the game ended early you wouldn’t get to play in the final form.




Medusa will change form every time she uses her ultimate ability.

This concept art looks amazing. The detail is great and I love how the appearance changes slightly per form (I’d like to see the Jing Wei skin look more like this). The colours, designs and effects look great and this overall is a really great piece of concept art.

Again, I like the element change every time she ults as this will change frequently and you will be able to see all the elements throughout the game. It’s not quite as selective as the Jing Wei idea as you would waste an ult if you wanted to change form, but the idea is still good.




Ullr will change form when changing stance – Fire in Axe stance, Ice in Bow stance.

This is another great idea, and although Ullr doesn’t have 4 different element changes, he will have 2 that greatly differ from each other. Again, the element change is easy to swap in game so you can play with both forms, however, I think this could cause some problems as the designs are very different and the stance change is very fast and can be changed very frequently. For this reason I think the developers may have to tone this concept down in order for the stance change to run smoothly.

Also, I actually thought the Ice form was Hou Yi when I first saw this art… although looking at it now it looks more like Rama.


At the moment my vote is tied between Jing Wei and Medusa (swaying towards Jing). I don’t play Ullr and I think the Ullr skin could cause the most problems in game, so for me that skin is out of the running.

The Medusa concept art is definitely my favourite, but I much prefer the idea of Jing Wei changing form after her passive. I also have Jing Wei rank X and therefore play her the most out of the 3 gods. If Hi-Rez are going to change the Jing Wei forms slightly like the Medusa skin, then that will 100% be the skin I want to see in the game.

Choose you vote wisely! Voting closes on 11th July and the winner will be announced at Dreamhack on 12th July (probably during the Patch Notes show).


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