Smite: 4.11 Patch Notes

It’s Thursday… which means it’s time for my patch notes post! I watched the patch notes show last night on Twitch, so if you missed the show you can view the Smite 4.11 Official Patch Notes by following the link.

So this week there has been a lot included in the update which is scheduled to release on 20th June (for PC, 1 week later for console) with additions being the new Celtic Warrior, Cu Chulainn, and the new event “Code of Chivalry”.

New God:


So firstly, meet the new Smite God “Cu Chulainn” (pronounced Ker-Cull-In). He is quite unique in terms of how he uses his mana and how he switches stance.

Passive: Berserk – Cu Chulainn’s mana bar is capped at 100 (his mana cannot exceed this limit even with mana items) and only regens naturally up to 25. Hitting basic attacks, abilities and taking damage (himself and allies) regenerates some of Cu Chulainn’s mana (ferocity). When he reaches 85 mana , after 3 seconds, Cu Chulainn transforms into his Berserk form giving him different abilities as well as gaining a power and maximum health boost.

Ability 1: Barbed Spear/Ground Slam – Cu Chulainn throws his spear forwards, dealing damage and reducing enemy healing for 4 seconds. If used on minions, the spear will apply a stun. This ability restores 6 ferocity (mana) for each god hit (3 enemies max, 18 ferocity max). Ground Slam is his Berserk ability, slamming the ground dealing damage and rooting enemies hit.

Ability 2: Vent Anger – This ability is the same in both stances. It increases his movement speed and drains his mana (as a means of controlling when he changes to Berserk form). Enemies stood in range with take damage every 0.5 seconds (like Mystical Mail).

Ability 3: Salmon’s Leap/Furious Charge – Cu Chulainn leaps to a target location vaulting over his spear and doing damage where he lands and where his spear slams in front of him. This ability restores 6 ferocity (mana) for each god hit (3 enemies max, 18 ferocity max). Furious Charge is his Berserk ability, charging forwards he pushes and deals damage to enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Spear of Mortal Pain/War Cry – Cu Chulainn swings his spear out in a circle around him, knocking up enemies it hits and damaging them. This restores 12 ferocity (mana) per enemy hit (3 enemies max, 36 ferocity max).

Other information:

  • Berserk form lasts 20 seconds and cannot be cancelled early.
  • Mana (ferocity) cannot exceed 25 while in Berserk form and abilities cost no mana to use but still have cooldowns.
  • When not in Berserk form, the more enemies hit (capped at 3) with the same ability grants more ferocity/mana so hitting 3 enemies will grant 3 times the ferocity than hitting 1 enemy.
  • Buying items which gives you mana will not allow Cu Chulainn to have more mana.



Item changes:

  • Aura items have been hit this patch… Gauntlet of Thebes has had a health reduction from 350 to 300 and a protection aura reduction from 20 to 15. The aura on Sovereignty has also been reduced from 30 physical protections to 15 (which is a huge change!) and the protections for the buying has been increased from 30 to 40.
  • Shifters Shield has been nerfed since its change in 4.9. It now costs 2500 gold as opposed to the 2350 gold it was before.

God Changes:

  • Da Ji has had her ultimate (PaoLao) tweaked again. Now when she has fired her 3 shots early she will be able to dismount the PaoLao instead of waiting for the timer to run out. The jump targeter will also appear as soon as Da Ji cancels the ability.
  • Fafnir and Ganesha have both had their slows altered. Fafnir’s cursed strengths now does a 20% slow as all ranks. Ganesha’s ultimate, Dharmic Pillars, now gives a 35% slow at all ranks in the area inside the pillars.
  • Nemesis has had a slight passive change where her power gained and lost is being reduced from 6% to 5%.



Moving onto the skin releases. There have been a lot of skins released this patch, some of them tied to the event which I will talk about later. So first, my favourite skin of the patch, Lady Liberty Nox. (Edit: This skin is not being released with this patch but will be added at a later date.)


I like the idea for this skin, since the statue was based on the Roman Goddess “Libertas”, as Nox is Roman and she already holds candles. I’m not so keen on the look of the candlestick, but I really like the ability effects. However, the twinkling sound and the stars trailing behind her when she walks is a bit too much. When she lands her ultimate it shoots fireworks into the air which is a nice touch, and the voice pack is decent although it would have been better if it was French (since the Statue of Liberty is a French statue).

This skin will be in the Independence Chest with 7 other items and costs 400 gems per roll, so I’ll probably be giving it a roll as Nox is my favourite and most played God, and my goal is to own all of her skins!


Nox and Osiris have had their mastery skins updated. I love that both sets of card art have stayed the same, just re-coloured, as generally when Hi-Rez have been updating the skins they also change the card art.


Da Ji now has some Mastery skins too (I love her Legendary skin… time for me to get her to Rank 5). Again, the card art is great too.


Osiris actually has two new skins this patch (as well as his updated mastery skins) which includes the Black Knight skin shown above and similar version in white and blue called Noble Knight. These skins will be featured in the new event that I will talk about later.

Another skin involved with the new event is Draco Knight Tyr. I really like this skin but I’m not sure of the bat wings he seems to grow during his backing animation… There are two other skins with the similar Knight theme and colour scheme – Jackel Knight Anubis and Dead Knight Odin – which will also be part of the new event.



Codes of Chivalry Event:

Now moving onto the new event, “Codes of Chivalry”. To take part in this event you will need to buy the bundle which costs 1200 gems (pricey if you ask me) which will unlock a series of quests for you to complete. I’m not 100% sure how it will work, but on the patch notes show they were saying that there are good and bad quests and you can choose which path you will take – good or evil. I believe this will then determine which Osiris skin you unlock first.


On purchasing the bundle you will unlock:

  • Draco Knight Tyr
  • Chivalry Loading Frame
  • Fire Giant Ward

Completing the quests will also award you with:

  • Jackel Knight Anubis
  • Dark Knight Odin
  • Noble Knight Osiris
  • Black Knight Osiris
  • Chivalry Music Theme
  • Chivalry Loading Screen

It also sounds like you might get other rewards along the way such as Enigma Chests or Boosters. Also, if you don’t manage to finish all the quests before the event ends, you will be given all the items listed above without completing the necessary quests when the event ends (but you will miss out on any other bonus rewards it may offer).

It’s unlikely I’ll be buying this bundle since I bought the Trials of King Hercules Adventure bundle, and if I decide to spend some gems it will probably be on the Independence Chest for the Lady Liberty Nox skin.




*Edit: It’s also time for another “Gabe Said So” sale. From 23rd to 25th June, Smite will be having a summer sale. Here’s the bargains you don’t want to miss out on: There will be 25% off all current chests and scaling prices on all direct purchase skins:

  • 10% off Season 4 skins (excluding patches 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11)
  • 25% off Season 3 skins
  • 33% off Season 2 skins
  • 50% off Season 1 skins
  • 75% off Season 0 skins

Also earn up to 300 gems over the weekend as you receive 10 gems per First Win of the Day (FWOTD). Now’s the time to earn some gems and pick up some bargains!


Submissions for the T5 Odyssey skins for the hunters Medusa, Skadi, Jing Wei, Hou Yi or Ullr has now ended (19th June). Follow the link for my post about the T5 Odyssey Hunter Skin Submission where you can follow the links and find information to keep you up to date with the process.


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