Smite: Trials of King Hercules Adventure

Patch 4.10 was released earlier today and with it came the new adventure: Trails of King Hercules. I’ve been really excited for this adventure since I saw it on the Patch Notes show last week and I have seen a few videos of people playing the first “Easy” mode on PTS so I did know what to expect. This mode is for 3 players who can be solo queued, partied or a mixture (party of 2 and one solo).

*Edit: For details on hard mode see the bottom of the post!

There are a few Gods you are unable to play as in this mode as they are either too strong or have aspects which could cause problems in the game. These Gods are: Ao Kuang, Apollo, Chronos, Hades, Hercules, Izanami, Janus, Jing Wei, Ne Zha, Nu Wa, Rama, Ratatoskr, Thanatos, The Morrigan and Thor. So basically anyone with a global ability and I know Hades and Izanami were really strong in PTS so they have probably been banned for that reason…

Firstly I loaded into the game and opened the Adventures tab which led me to the Hercoplis town menu.


There are 4 sections to the town. You can complete some of the quests within the town without buying the bundle (all the quests at the Blacksmith and Church, and the first 2 quests at the Treasury), but you cannot access any of the town services without buying the bundle for 900 gems even if you have looted the currency.


As you can see from the screenshot, this is the Blacksmith hub. There are 3 quests available which have to be selected to be completed meaning only one quest can be active at a time. You need to click on the quest you want to activate and click “Accept”. When you have completed the quest you will need to click the “Accept” button again (which will say completed) to be given your reward. From the “Kill 10 Boars or Harpies” quest I was awarded the Morningstar item (first tier of Transcendence and Hydra’s Lament) which gives me 10 Physical Power.

The services section at the bottom allows you to spend the gold you earn in the dungeon on chests to unlock an item. It appears that you can only buy items from here if you have bought the 900 gem bundle. In my opinion, this is really stupid as Hi-Rez usually make it so you can complete the in game content (but without the rewards) if you don’t buy the bundle. This is difficult though if you can’t buy any items to make you stronger in the Dungeon as you’re just relying on luck to get decent items, however, you can get tier 3 item drops from boss chests. When trading for chests you don’t get to choose your item, but there are 3 chests you can purchase:

  • Uncommon Item (1000 gold) – gives you a random first tier item e.g. Morningstar.
  • Rare Item (1500 gold) – gives you a random second tier item e.g. Charged Bow.
  • Epic Item (3000 gold) – gives you a random third tier (complete) item e.g. Bloodforge.


Since I was awarded a Physical Power item, I decided to play as Cupid, mainly for the heals and he can do well if he runs out of mana. At the beginning of each game you will need to re-equip all the items you want/need for your run but you can only equip items you have received out of chests. This means that you will not be able to equip items on your first run. You can change or equip new items during the run when you are awarded item chests for completing boss fights which I’m glad about as you pick up items from chests during the play through.


Currently these are the only items I have, so I selected those. Just like normal you can equip up to 6 items so even if you don’t have decent items for your character at the start, it’s still worth equipping them until you get better ones later on. Also if you get a magical power item but want to play as a physical god you can still equip the item – even though the power won’t be used by your god, if the item has another stat e.g. health, then your character will still receive the health stat.

For example: If I had 2 items, Heavy Mace (25 Magical Power, 10 Penetration) and Uncommon Sash (15 Magical Power, 75 Health) and I chose to play as Chaac, I could equip both items to have the stats 25 Magical Power, 10 Penetration and 75 Health as the 15 Magical Power will not be effective on Physical Gods.

After playing a few games I decided to buy the bundle as I like the Vanguard Hercules skin and I love the Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon. I think I will play this a lot as it has similarities to other games I play so to me it is interesting to see how it’s been done in Smite. So here is what is included in the bundle:


For buying the bundle, you are immediately awarded the Vanguard Hercules skin, Dungeon Jump Stamp, Dungeon Loading Frame and Dungeon Music Theme as well as 1 Golden Key. Here is what you can unlock with your Golden Key:


The Golden Key gives you the choice of ONE of the following skins. You can unlock all these skins if you have bought all the bundles, as one key is included per bundle. You are given a fifth key if you buy all 4 bundles (there’s still one more adventure to come, so don’t worry, we have only had 3 so far!) which also means there is another skin to come too! You can hold onto your key/s until all the skins have been released which I think I might do and see if the next skin can possibly be better than the Poseidon one!

Other benefits of buying the bundle are other rewards such as an Awesome Chest (containing only exclusive skins), 2 Enigma Chests (containing 600, 400, 250, 100 gem skins, voice packs, avatars or wards) and some Minor Chests (containing emotes and boosters) and 100 gems!


This is the first room where you are awarded an item for defeating the enemy waves. The first boss is just after this room. I don’t want to talk about the levels too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it can be quite tricky… just keep playing and farm some gold and loot some items! Don’t forget that once you complete the easy mode, the hard mode will become available which I believe has different bosses and probably a new level scenario all together… we’ll wait and see!

Have fun in the Dungeon!


*Edit (11th June):


Well obviously because this is Hi-Rez the hard mode is still the same level… what was I thinking. It’s definitely a lot harder and I wouldn’t even try this mode until you have all the Epic items or at least a full build. Although, saying that I had a full ADC build and someone had a go at me for playing hard because I didn’t have any healer items and they personally didn’t want to play a healer…. so I recommend farming all the items first unless you want angry players.

I’ve managed to complete the hard mode twice. The whole level is the same with the same enemies and mechanics, just more difficult. After the Lion you go through the other set of doors where there’s a short farming section before the Hydra boss. I completed the Hydra in the same party twice with the same line up and item selection which I will show you here:


The two people I played with were already in a party together, so I would definitely say that it is easier to play with people you know or who you can chat to while you are playing. It’s also worth buying all three blessings each (you can only buy blessings if you have bought the bundle) before you start your runs if you’re in a party and know there’s a chance you can complete it. I had a Blessing of Might during my first run and then all three blessings on the second run.

I’ve seen loads of different line ups working, mainly with a healer and two ADCs so I was shocked in a way to see it work with a tank. As Aphrodite I was tethered to Amaterasu 95% of the time as Cernunnos had plenty of lifesteal and Amaterasu was taking the agro. If you are playing with two ADCs as a healer, picking Shogun’s Kasari instead of Rod of Tahuti is a really great choice as it still gives you mana regeneration and helps with the attack speed of your teammates greatly (it also has handy cooldown too)! I didn’t buy it this time because Amaterasu did and there’s no need for two as they don’t stack and we’re always grouped up anyway.

Because our party killed the Hydra twice, I got 2 Hydra Scales to spend on chests. I got an Enigma chest for completing the quest “Defeat the Hydra” and bought another Enigma chest and an Awesome chest with the scales. I got Demon Catcher Zhong Kui from the Awesome chest and Nile Stalker Sobek and Bacchus’ Voice Pack from the Enigma chests. If I get another scale I can get another Enigma chest roll…

Lastly, here is a nice glitch which happened after myself and another player defeated the boar on easy (then died at the spiders) with a disconnected player still at the starting zone…


Let me know your thoughts and be sure to let me know any other ways, line ups and builds you defeated the hydra with.


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