Smite: 4.10 Patch Notes

Last night’s patch notes show was restructured and gave all the balance changes first… and really fast, so forgive me if I don’t have much else to say about some changes.

As always here are the Official 4.10 Patch Notes.

Firstly I will start with the new adventure, Trials of King Hercules. I’m actually really looking forward to this one as it’s very different to the other adventures Hi-Rez have released already. The loot system sounds great and I’m interested to see what awaits in the dungeon!

This game mode will be free to play just like the others, but there is a purchasable pack which includes the Vanguard Hercules skin shown in the featured picture (it looks like Ares to me), a loading frame, jump stamp and music pack as well as a Golden Key. This key will allow you to choose a skin from the Golden Vault (I’ll talk more about the new skin included in this later).


The creature (Hydra) in the picture above is shown in the trailer for the adventure which is one of the bosses you will fight in this PVE mode. There are a number of currencies used to buy different things, one of which being a Hydra Scale (which I assume will drop from this boss) which you can use to purchase an Awesome Chest, Enigma Chests and Emote/Booster chests. However these are only available if you have purchased the pack, which should be 900 gems.


This is Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon which is the new limited skin that will be in the Golden Vault. I love the effects on this skin and the Kraken is now a tentacle monster… The only way to get this skin is to purchase any adventure pack to receive a Golden Key to unlock the Vault. You can choose which skin you want thankfully so it’s not like a standard chest roll. Also in the Vault are Intergalactic Change, Guan Unicorn and Swashbuckler Susano.

There have been a few other skins released in this patch including a T2 (250 gem) skin for Da Ji already… I like the idea but the model in game isn’t quite right and looks a little dodgy. I think it would have been better to make this a T3 (400 gem) skin and just put a bit more effort into it and change the effects and voice pack.


Other skins included in this patch are The Marksman Rama, Eliminator Ravana and Bacchus has also had a visual remodel…. I hope you’re ready for this because I don’t think anyone watching Twitch was.


I get that it makes him look more “God like” and everything but his model is just so small now with a very similar, if not the same, walking animation and it just looks so wrong… I don’t like it at all. His Mastery skins and the Enemy skin are also being updated to fit the new model, but all his other skins will stay the same.

Da Ji has been adjusted quite a bit which I think will make her a lot better in game. When I was playing her I noticed her abilities could easily screw her over or get cancelled by other Gods therefore leaving her a bit stuck. I opted to try an attack speed build which worked late game but early – mid she just did no damage at all.

Here are Da Ji’s changes:

  1. Horrible Burns (ability 1) will provide a scaling slow from 10%-30% at max rank.
  2. Her One Thousand Cuts (ability 2) now gives her knockup immunity. In my opinion this is the best change as I found the most problematic situation to be in was when the ability was cancelled by knockups leaving her with no escape.
  3. Trickster Spirit (ability 3) now has a 0 second post fire time from 0.2 seconds.
  4. PaoLao (Ultimate) can now be cancelled early by right clicking to select the jump target so she can jump off without waiting to use all her shots. You also now have 5 seconds to choose where to shoot the chains and the deployable time has been increased to 9 seconds as well as the chains now being easier to see.

Neith has also had a buff for the first time since 2.5! Her backflip now does 80 – 240 damage and her ultimate now stuns for 1.5 seconds at all ranks.

There have been quite a few relic changes in this patch, decreasing cooldowns on Bracer of Undoing, Heavenly Wings (Sprint), Horrific Emblem and Phantom as well as all their upgrades. Bracer now also gives 60% of your health and mana back and Sunder has had its power decreased to 30 but with the upgrade keeping the 40 power and the cooldown increased to 120 seconds.


Lastly don’t forget to take part in the Odyssey 2018 T5 skin vote. The Hunter has already been chosen and votes will be in tomorrow for which 5 hunters have been selected. Submissions for concept ideas will start 2nd June so be sure to submit any ideas you might have before it closes on 19th June.

Check out my Smite: Odyssey 2018 T5 Community Skin post for any information about this year or previous years skins. I will be sure to post again on July 8th when the top submission have been chosen and the voting opens. Good luck to everyone who enters!


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