Smite: 4.9 Patch Notes

Smite’s 4.9: Nine Tailed Terror patch has been announced for release next week on May 23rd (PC).

*Edit: This patch will be released on PC on the extended date of Wednesday 24th May. They are having some issues with the patch so please be patient as I expect the game might be down for the majority of the day. Console is usually 2 weeks after the PC release.

As always, if you haven’t seen the official patch notes yet, click here:

The new Chinese Assassin, Da Ji, will be released with this patch and honestly she looks really awesome. 4.9 is a well timed patch for this god seeing as her model has 9 tails… I don’t know if someone picked up on this or whether it was a happy accident! She looks somewhat similar to Serqet and has the same kind of playstyle but without the ridiculous movement abilities.

Firstly, her passive: Torture Blades: applies a stack of bleeding on every basic attack causing damage over time ever second for 2 seconds (this can by stacked multiple times).

First ability: Horrible Burns: this ability adds fire to Da Ji’s next basic attack which applies burning, deals instant bonus damage and damage over time every second for 3 seconds (this can stack with the bleed from her basic attacks rather than replacing it).

Second ability: One Thousand Cuts: Da Ji gains increased movement speed and immunity to slows while in this ability. She lashes her claws 4 times over 2 seconds, dealing damage and adds the passive bleed to enemies hit and also gains damage mitigation from any damage received from enemies behind her.

Third Ability: Spirit Link: Da Ji selects a single ally or enemy god and teleports to them. If the target is an enemy she will deal damage and add the passive bleed as well as dealing damage to any other enemies stood close to the target. This also happens if she teleports to an ally who is stood next to an enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Pao Lao: Da Ji summons a large pillar (the Pao Lao, her signature torture device) and hovers above it. She can then shoot up to 3 enemies who will take damage from the shot and become chained to the pillar. When the time runs out on Da Ji’s shots, she will return to the ground where the enemies will be pulled to the Pao Lao, stunned and take additional damage. Any CC immunity will break the chain and the enemy will be free to go.


This is her recolour which I do like, but I actually think I prefer her original skin as I’m not a fan on the purple tails. The card art isn’t as good either.

There have been some other great skins this week, and not only that but most of them are actually directly purchasable!


This is probably my favourite skin of the patch, even though it’s only a T2 250 gem skin. It uses the original effects and voice pack but I really love the dark style… however I think I still prefer the Mini Metal skin. I love Jing Wei and I’ve been playing her a lot recently, making her my 4th Mastery X so I love that she’s getting some love from Hi-Rez with her recent buffs and new skins!


Carrying on with the Hunter theme, Medusa is the next to get a new skin (finally)! This skin is awesome and it seems Hi-Rez are continuing with this Cosmic theme on a few Gods since it was Sol that got a similar one last patch. I like this skin a lot; it has some great ability effects and it’s also directly purchasable which is great!

Kuzenbo also has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed skin which will also be directly purchasable. I was surprised at the announcement of this skin since he only had a new skin last patch and he’s a fairly new god. Ganesha mastery skins have also been included in this patch.


A gargoyle style skin has been shown for Camazotz. I really like this skin and even though the voice packs wouldn’t work on the Twitch Patch Notes show, it seems a decent one from the preview on the official patch notes page. This one will be in a chest (probably a new 55 item chest as the Astral Assassin chest expires when this patch will be released) which is a bit disappointing but I don’t really play Camazotz anyway. He also has a new dance emote.

“Balance”: There have been quite a few changes to early levelling in Conquest. I’m not going to go into this as it’ll explain it better in the official patch notes, so follow the link at the top if you want to know more. *Edit: I believe these changes are no longer coming with patch 4.9 and are still being looked at before release.

Item changes:

  • Chronos Pendant’s power has been increased from 60 – 80 which is a huge buff as I still see mages building this all the time.
  • Gauntlet of Thebes’ health has been reduced from 400 – 350.
  • Stone of Fal has had a price reduction from 2800 to 2700.
  • Shifter’s Shield has had quite a big change. Now when you are over the health threshold you will gain more power and less protections and when you are below the threshold you switch to have more protections and less power. This could be quite an interesting change and possibly a new favourite pick for assassins.

God Changes:

  • CERNUNNOS IS GETTING A NERF FINALLY! Why did this take so long to happen? The power scaling of Summer Heat has been decreased from 20% to 10% and the Bramble Blast has an increased cooldown from 13 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Susano’s Ult has been nerfed so now it’s easier to get out of it rather than being majorly sucked into it.
  • And obviously Odin has been buffed… because why not, it’s not like he’s powerful enough already. Gungnir’s Might now does 45-125 power instead of 35-95 and the 2nd swing now slows……..


From May 19th – 21st players will be awarded a chest for 3 FWOTD:

  • Friday 19th – Enigma Chest
  • Saturday 20th – Cutesy Avatar Chest
  • Sunday 21st – Enigma Chest

There is also a new Cutesy Scylla coming in this patch, so if you want a chance to roll this avatar then hold onto your chest until the patch release, likewise for a chance at getting the new direct purchase skins in the enigma chests!

*Enigma chests have a chance of unlocking any non-exclusive item such as a T1 (recolour)and T2 (250 gem) skin, voice pack, ward, avatar, a 3-day booster or a rare chance of a T3 (400 gem) or T4 (600 gem) skin.


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