Smite: My Top 3 Gods since Season 4

Since the beginning of Season 4 I feel like a lot of Gods who weren’t as popular before are now being picked quite frequently and I’m liking the variety of the picks. In this post I will talk about who I like playing the most right now (April 2017) and which gods I believe are quite strong currently as well as how I like to build them and what I think works well.

3. Hel

Hel wasn’t a strong hero in Season 3 and wasn’t really picked all that often, however since her abilities were changed slightly at the start of Season 4 she has definitely improved. For me, the change on her Decay/Restoration (ability 1) is the main game changer for me as now it passes through enemies and does damage rather than it stopping on the first enemy hit. This change has made her wave clear safer and she now doesn’t have to get so close to actually do some decent damage.


I’ve found that sunder is such a great relic for her due to her slightly shorter range and huge burst damage output. I also like to buy Shield of Regrowth and this helps with her escape even more so than just the movement speed buff from her heal anyway. It also makes her a little but tankier so she can afford to play a bit more aggressive. Rod of Asclepius also helps with the escape as it gives increased healing and even more movement speed which I think is key to playing Hel.

All she needs now is a remodel…

2. Aphrodite

Aphrodite has always been quite a versatile and decent hero and can be great with the right team setup. Since healing was nerfed in general at the start of Season 4 I was worried that this would affect her performance as I generally build her as a support than as a damage mage, but Hi-Rez actually increased her healing. Although this sounds really overpowered I think she needed it when in combat, since unlike other healers she can only heal herself and one other ally at a time, but I still feel like it’s probably a bit strong when out of combat.


I still like to play her mostly as a support, but the other day I played her using a standard mage build instead and did really well. This is definitely a build I would like try again as I could never really get it to work in mid Season 3.

My support build generally consists of the new Celestial Legion Helm, Rod of Asclepius then either Breastplate of Valor or Chronos Pendant (for the cooldown) depending on the game. Lotus Crown, Pythagorem’s Piece and Divine Ruin are other items I sometimes choose to build, but I will always start with Sands of Time, Mana Chalice and Meditation Cloak (relic).

1. Jing Wei

I honestly love this hunter at the moment. I must have got her from rank V to rank X over the past few weeks without playing any other hunter. I loved playing her when she was first released but she wasn’t as good as some of the other hunters at the time, but I think because I like her kit and no one else really picks her I wanted to play her well. I can say that actually she is one of the gods I am most comfortable playing now and definitely my go to hunter.


One of the best things about her kit is definitely her dash. Although it has a long cooldown it can really help her to be more aggressive as if she gets knocked up she can dash out of it in the air and travel twice as far than if she was on the ground. Jing can also use her 1 to launch herself before she dashes (just be careful not to use the dash before she is fully knocked up as I’ve noticed recently it just puts the dash on cooldown and she doesn’t actually dash anywhere…). This is a great counter to Sobek, Bacchus, Erlang, Awilix, and basically anyone with a knockup.

She was slightly buffed a few patches ago and I can actually really feel the changes even though they were quite small. There is a bug with her at the moment where sometimes during basic attacks the Explosive Bolts animation will play which at full attack speed looks quite funny… annoying though as the sound effects play too although activating and using Explosive Bolts again will fix this for a while.

My general build is Odysseus Bow, Warrior Tabi, Executioner and Wind Demon. Sometimes I will pick Hastened Fatalis if I need the chase, Deathbringer for more crits or Bloodforge if I’m doing really well and for the lifesteal.

I also LOVE the new Mini-Metal skin for her! I’m guessing it’s a reference to the band Baby Metal as she does look a lot like them, but the skin reminds me of Ruby Rose from RWBY.


From my experience, some popular gods that I’ve seen a lot of are Poseidon, Anhur, Zhong Kui (since his buff in recent patches), Hel and Bastet. I have seen so many Poseidons do really well no matter what game mode and I’ve heard that Anhur is one of the most favoured gods in Duel at the moment.


I haven’t actually seen anyone pick Cernunnos for the past few weeks or seen anyone play with the new Hades changes yet. Kali, Freya and Isis are also goddesses I haven’t seen in a while which seems a bit odd considering they all used to be really strong picks.

Around 6 months ago I was playing mostly Arachne, Sol and Izanami so I’ll review this post a few months from now and post about who my favourite gods are then.


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