Smite: 4.7 Patch Notes

It’s that time again… I’ve just watched the patch notes show for Smite 4.7 Pillars of Success on Twitch, so now it’s time to summarise. As always, if you haven’t seen the official patch notes yet, click here:

4.7 is actually quite a big patch featuring the lastest God to the Battleground, Ganesha, as well as the end of the Spring Split and the introduction to the Summer Split as well as new skins and item/god “balances” (I use that word lightly).

Firstly then, Ganesha. Well… what a support (his recolour is pretty good too)!


“Good Fortune: Upon killing an enemy God, Ganesha will instead give the nearest friendly God the Kill credit and receive the rewards for an Assist. In addition, his Assist range is increased by 20 units and the duration for his Assists is increased by 5s.”

That’s definitely good fortune for your teammates if you ask me! This is his passive, and honestly it’s such a good idea for a support. The passive works for gods, minions and jungle camps so if he is standing close to someone at all times, they are going to get fed… especially as a support in Conquest. He is actually capable of carrying the carry.

Anyway, his 1 is an orb going forwards in a line doing damage to enemies and giving allies a bonus damage buff. His 2 is a mini stun and knockup, 3 is a dash that can travel through player created walls (e.g. Ymir wall) and his ult was inspired by the old Nu Wa’s ultimate (years ago before she was remodelled). He places 4 pillars in a square with the lines connecting the pillars together dealing damage every 0.5 seconds and the centre of the square applies a slow.


Now onto the Season Ticket Summer Split. This bundle will again cost 400 gems like the Spring Split one did and will contain the Vampiric Scylla skin shown above along with the ability to vote, FP quests, double FP throughout the split as well as team worshiper boosters and team FP boosters. I love this skin so I’m sure I’ll pick this up as soon as it’s out to work towards some of the other Season Ticket rewards such as a Sol Announcer Pack, Music Theme and more!

Hi-Rez also announced the addition of a Jump Stamp where the Smite Logo will appear every time you character jumps… I don’t like this idea at all as I’m someone who likes to jump spam every now and then, so imagine if everyone is having a jump party at the beginning of Assault and everyone has these. ANNOYING.

There will also be a soft reset to all the ranked positions so everyone will need to requalify and the leaderboards will be reset. It will now be harder to be placed in a higher division from qualifying than it was in the Spring Split and Tribute Points will now be lost if you don’t play ranked over a certain amount of time varying from 2TP a day for 2 weeks of not playing ranked to 10TP a day for 6 weeks.


I’m not going into the “balance” section much as I’m sure the official patch notes explain it better than I can, so I’ll just mention a few of my favourites.

FRENZY IS BACK! Rituals were removed a few patches ago and I was sad to see Frenzy taken from the Relic section in the first place so I’m happy this is back as I used to buy it all the time in Season 3. However, Sunder has been my go to Relic in Season 4 but now the upgrade for Sunder has been nerfed slightly I might favour Frenzy again instead.

For some reason they decided to buff Nox. I love Nox so I love this change, but she didn’t really need it. Her ultimate used to have a set cooldown of 90 seconds at all ranks and now it scales from 90s – 70s cooldown at full rank.

Cabrakan has been nerfed which was definitely needed. Even if someone built him full tank he still did way too much damage, never mind with this Cabroken build everyone uses more often than not. His base protections have been reduced by 3 and his Tremors damage has been decreased slightly.

Rage has had it’s passive changed (again) where you gain a stack for every kill/assist, then at 5 stacks you gain 10% crit chance so I guess we’ll see how that goes, and a new item has been added called Lono’s Mask (designed for supports). This is like Rangda’s Mask, 500 gold to buy and you gain +2 health per stack (assist range minion kills) up to 75 stacks. On reaching full stacks you gain 400 gold, and selling the item gives you 330 gold back… so it gives you more gold essentially. This could be an interesting item maybe for tankier assassins to build early game and sell mid-late game for the extra gold when they’ve finished stacking.


Lastly, the voting has finished for the Angelic Awilix community skin. Hi-Rez have said they aren’t announcing the top 3 just yet but they will be revealed on 9th May after the designers have created the in game content for us to see before we vote. Voting will commence on May 9th – 11th, and the winner will be announced on May 12th!


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