Smite: Top 10 Angelic Awilix Community Skin Vote

And finally the time has arrived for the community to vote on the next skin for Awilix as designed by members of the community themselves. For those of you that don’t know the Angelic theme was chosen and members of the community have submitted some of their ideas for everyone to vote on a skin to be released in game. These are the top 10 designs that Hi-Rez picked from all the entries.

*Edit: This voting stage has now closed, to vote on the Top 3 go to this post

Firstly, here is the link you need to follow to vote:

I’ll insert all the pictures here and let you know my thoughts on each one:


A: This skin to me looks a lot like the Nike model and doesn’t really suit Awilix’s character. From the back it also looks a bit like the Celestial Isis skin so I can imagine this being confusing to some players. I like the concept for the mount, and they did a pretty decent job of creating an Angelic themed skin but it just doesn’t look like Awilix.


B: Honestly I don’t particularly like this design with the colours as I see Angelic to be white and gold, however I love that this skin has stuck with the Mayan Pantheon theme which could be popular with voters. The stone cat design is also really interesting which I do like a lot. In my opinion this would be better without the wings (or with smaller wings).


C: The mount is definitely my favourite part of this concept. I do like the skin, but again it doesn’t really suit Awilix and looks more like the Greek Pantheon. It’s quite feminine and simplistic which is a nice idea, but the spear does not tie in with the rest of the skin due to the colour design and the amount of detail.


D: This is one of my favourites. I saw someone post this on Twitter a while back and I kind of fell in love with it then. The spikey feathers on both Awilix and the mount tie them together nicely, the colour scheme is different but still relates to the Angelic theme and the moon is still there to represent her being the Goddess of the Moon. I can see her in game looking like this with a similar hairstyle to that of the Feline Fashion skin.


E: I really love the mount for this skin. My only issue with this skin is the colour scheme, again not really symbolising the Goddess of the Moon as it looks more like a skin for a Sun Goddess. It also reminds me more of Guild Wars armour than a skin for Smite.


F: This is another of my favourites. I like the detail showing ideas for the ability effects which looks pretty cool. I love how she still has tattoos on her legs, keeping some of her original design and the colour scheme with the white, gold and silver sounds effective. The detail looks quite complex though so I’m not sure how this would look in game.


G: This is another favourite of mine. It’s simple but effective and I love that about it. The clothing really suits the model and the spear and the mount tie in great with it too. The colour scheme is really nice and fits with the Angelic theme. The best part is that it actually does look like Awilix already and it really does fit the character, my only suggestion would be that the feathers on the headdress could be changed to moon crescents just to keep with the Goddess of the Moon representation. I would buy this if it was a skin.


H: I really like the weapon idea for this skin. I like that it shows the moon crescents to stick to Awilix’s lore and the white and gold colour scheme is nice, but I don’t think lilac was the right colour to add as well. The mount also looks a lot like Suku does now, so he would just be turned into a snow leopard and I think we need a totally fresh idea for a mount. I think this could be a popular vote since it shows quite a revealing outfit, but to me it looks similar to Aphrodite’s attire.


I: This skin reminds me a lot of Mirana from Dota 2 which is fitting since she is the Princess of the Moon. I don’t think this skin is particularly Angelic and actually appears to be more SciFi which is a shame. I do appreciate the amount of moon crescents shown in this concept though, but I think it’s a bit too futuristic for my liking. The mount really does look like Mirana’s mount….. (not a bad thing)!


J: The colours used for this skin are quite contrasting and bright which could make it a bit distracting in game (they don’t go together too well). I don’t know if the mount will be transparent in this design but I can’t imagine how that would look in game. Again I like that she still has tattoos and moon crescents but I don’t think this concept it really suits Awilix or the Angelic theme.

So there are some of my opinions on the skins. Congrats to everyone that made it this far and good luck during the voting process.

You only have until Monday 17th April to vote, so choose wisely as every vote counts. I’m not sure when the top 3 will be announced, but voting will be open May 9th – 11th to vote for the overall winner.


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