Smite 4.6 Patch Notes

It’s time for another Smite patch notes post! This time it’s the Racer Rumble 4.6 patch which will be released next week on PC (and probably the week after for console) which I watched live on Twitch a few nights ago.

As always, here are the official patch notes if you haven’t seen them yet:

There’s a new adventure coming this patch (to replace the Capture The Flag mode) called Apollo’s Racer Rumble. In case you couldn’t already guess this is going to be a new racing mode for 8 players. It actually looks pretty good with the animations and everything but it is basically Mario Kart in Smite. Not sure how easy it will be to control since it’s keyboard and mouse only (PC). There are 10 gods you can play as: Ymir, Cabrakan, Sun Wukong, Izanami, Ratatoskr, Mercury, Fenrir, Zeus, Aphrodite and Ra, and also 2 maps – Volcanic and Beach themed.


Just like the Capture the Flag mode, you can buy a bundle (costing 900 gems this time) which will allow you to participate in bonus content. This content requires you to gain points from playing the racing game mode where after earning a certain number of points will unlock rewards such as favour, enigma chests and the last reward being an “Awesome Chest” roll which only contains exclusive skins (I’m not sure if it’s all the exclusives or just some of them, but I think Hi-Rez said there were over 60). You also earn 100 gems through doing the bonus content which I suppose works out at a 100 gem refund on the purchase so costing you 800 gems in total for access. Of course you can still play the game mode for free, you just won’t earn any of the rewards.

This 900 gem bundle will also include the new Winner’s Circle Apollo skin as well as a music theme, pedestal, ward and another golden key which you can use to unlock the new Intergalactic Changé skin from the vault.


The rest of the patch was basically bug fixes… other than the Skadi (Kaldr) change and the Hades buff. Kaldr can now take damage when Skadi is in her ultimate, so since Kaldr will no longer be invulnerable during the ultimate, will Skadi hit another weak spot?

For those of you that didn’t know, Hades actually used to be a Guardian but was changed into a Mage early in Season 3 (about this time last year from what I can remember). During this change he still kept some of his previous Guardian tankiness but was given a damage increase. Now he has a further reduced health pool and protection scaling, however this is now being added into his ultimate to give him more protections during the late game to help make up for the loss of this in his base stats. His damage burst has also been increased – rather a lot – with Death From Below now dealing 270 damage at max level rather than the 170 it did previously. Blighted targets now also take damage with Devour Souls where before it was only the enemies around the target so this is sure to make a big impact in his burst damage. I’m quite excited to see this how this change goes throughout the season.


This week is the last chance to submit your designs for the Angelic Awilix skin, so if you have an idea be sure to send it soon. The link to the submission page is in my post about the Awilix skin so be sure to check it out for all the future dates involved with the community skin voting.

And finally, the Spring Split is also coming to a close soon with patch 4.8 (in about 4 weeks time) so be sure to keep climbing up the ranked ladder to be in with the chance of winning gem prizes. There will be a soft reset to ranks when the Summer Split starts.

Good luck everyone and have fun playing!


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