Smite 4.4 Patch Notes

I always watch the Smite Patch notes show every 2 weeks when it’s on Twitch. I really like to watch the show rather than just read the notes as it gives you a preview of the new skins in game and not just the card art as well as getting a good listen to the voice packs.

If you haven’t seen the patch notes yet then here’s a link to the official website:

This week I’d have to say that “Dreadful Doll Izanami” is my favourite part of this patch. When I saw the skin my first impressions were “oh that’s pretty good”, but then I heard the voice pack… and wow, its production is pretty incredible.


I feel like recently Hi-Rez have been improving greatly with their overall skin quality, but lacking something with their voice packs… but I have to say this one for Izanami sounded great and I was impressed. I have no idea how to get this skin, but I hope it can be picked up straight with gems rather than it being in a chest since she already has a limited skin. I love the Chibi Kukulkan too but I believe that is a chest exclusive.


There have also been a few item and god balances, my favourite change being the cost decrease and lifesteal increase to “Book of the Dead” as I like building this item as a support Aphrodite role where I need to build a bit more damage, but found it was quite expensive.

Also, the new Celtic god, Cernunnos, has been announced. He has been classed as a hunter although from the preview on the patch notes show I don’t think he really fits the hunter role. He seems to be more of a jungler than a laner, but I think he has way to much CC for a hunter. However, I do really like the stance switch on his basic attacks: Green (Spring) giving lifesteal, Yellow (Summer) giving extra power, Red (Autumn) giving a physical protection debuff and Blue (Winter) adding slows on each basic attack (refreshing, not stacking). It will definitely be interesting to see how he is played and in what position.


Also during the show, Hi-Rez leaked that starting March 21st there will be a week of events, sales and other things happening on each day during the week to celebrate Smite’s 3rd year anniversary. Looking forward to it!


Smite: What I got in my Cutesy Avatar Chests!

Smite is another game I play an awful lot. Last weekend (Friday 3rd March to Sunday 5th March) you could win a Cutesy Avatar chest for each first win of the day on the Clash game mode. I won a game each day and was awarded my chests last night.

As you can see from the picture, I got Cutesy Zhong Kui, Cutesy Bastet and Cutesy Fafnir.

I actually already own most of the items you can get in this chest, but I really wanted the Arachne one and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get it. I’m only missing Arachne, Merdusa, Ah Muzen Cab and Doge.

There are 15 cutesy icons available in this chest: Neith, Thor, Bastet, Arachne, 2 Freyas (Freya and Valkyrie), Medusa and Merdusa, The Morrigan, Fafnir, Chef Special Khepri, Changé, Ah Muzen Cab, Zhong Kui and the most recently added Doge.

You can get a roll for this chest by reaching level 1 in the season ticket this year, which is now free! You need 750 Fantasy Points for level 1 and are awarded 10FP for a win and 5FP for a loss. 10 levels have been announced so far, but it’s great that you can get some rewards this year just for playing the game and not having to spend any gems.

If you haven’t played this game before, it’s free to play on steam. But be warned… buying gems can get addictive!

So about my obsession with Guild Wars 2…

I spend most of my free time on Guild Wars 2. After just receiving my 2 year birthday gift on my first character and being just a few hours off having a total play time of 2000 hours, I thought I’d show my main character (from the 7 I have).

In total I have played this character for approximately 800 hours total, so over a 1/3 of my Guild Wars hours have been played using this character. She is a thief class (Daredevil with the Heart of Thorns expansion), human race and my current build uses the short bow and the Daredevil staff.

I’m currently crafting the legendary short bow “Chuka and Champawat” for this character. The precursor weapon “Tigris” can just be seen in the screenshot. It’s taking a lot of time to craft this and I’m sure I’ll talk about more it in the future.

Hi, I’m new here…

A short introduction to Rockker66.

For a while now I have wanted to post online about some of the games I play. I would like to make a record of some of the things I do which may interest other people.

In this blog I would like to maybe feature some useful info, hints and possibly even short guides on certain aspects of the games I play, or sometimes just some entertaining stories and screen shots.

Hopefully some people will be interested in this kind of thing, but if not then no worries, I’m just starting out anyway and I guess I’ll see how it goes!