Smite: Angelic Awilix Community Skin

Hi-Rez have officially announced that Awilix will be getting a new Angelic theme created by the community.

*Edit: This competition has now ended. Click this link to see my post on the winning skin!

*Edit: For my post on the top 3 skins click here:

*Edit: For my post on the top 10 skins click here:

Awilix was announced the winner for the community skin a few days ago after the vote between her, Hel, Poseidon, Cernunnos and Thoth were shortlisted from the entire godpool, as voted for by the community.

I originally voted for Hel originally as I love playing her since the changes in Season 4 but decided to vote for Awilix out of the 5 as she really does need a decent skin. Besides, we all know Hel needs a remodel before she gets another skin (I think someone leaked that Hel was going to be looked at during the Season 4 patch notes show – whether this is a rework entirely or just a remodel I don’t know – or I could’ve just imagined it…. who knows!).

I’m not overly excited about the theme. I voted for lore-based, but I’m just so happy it’s not genderbent or sci-fi….. It will be interesting to see what Angelic concepts people come up with, especially for Suku.

If you’re interested in entering your concept idea, click the link I’ll leave below and get your entry submitted before April 11th 2017 for the chance to have your skin in the game!

Voting on the top 10 will commence on April 14th – 17th, then I believe the ideas will be created by the Smite team and voting on the top 3 will begin on May 9th – 11th before the winner is announced on May 12th.

Good luck to everyone who is entering!


4 thoughts on “Smite: Angelic Awilix Community Skin”

    1. As far as I know HiRez haven’t released the next voting stage yet, they were a day late releasing the theme so just be patient. I’ll be sure to make a post when I hear anything with a link to the voting site there.


    1. It should be a direct purchase (400 gems) as the Fallen Lord Chronos one was last year. Fallen Lord Chronos was created using the same community process as the Awilix one this year, but Hi-Rez haven’t confirmed anything about how to get it yet.


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