Smite 4.5 Patch Notes

Yesterday I watched the Smite 4.5 Celestial Voyage patch notes on Twitch. If you haven’t seen the patch notes already, click here:

For those of you that hadn’t already heard, Poseidon’s remodel had been announced a while back and this is now being released with the patch. As well as his default skin being updated, his recolour, mastery and team skins have all been updated too. I personally like the change, he looks more like a god now rather than part sea creature although his model somewhat reminds me of Zeus a little bit (and he now has nipples!). His Kraken ultimate model has also been updated and it looks really cool. His voicepack is still the same as before though as there was nothing that really needed to be changed with that, and the Dreadbeard and Poolseidon are also staying the same.


There is now also a new Egyptian event being added with this patch. This event involves buying the new Star themed skins for Anhur, Bastet, Khepri and Neith to unlock a crafting system. Completing mini quests will unlock crafting hieroglyphics which can be used to craft bonus items which include a loading frame, pedestal, music theme and the new loading background feature. As always, if you buy all the skins listed above you unlock the final skin for Thoth. I quite like this idea as it gives you something to work towards rather than just buying the skins, however I don’t think I’ll be involved with this event since I used most of my gems on the Gothic Chest (if you’re interested, see my previous posts on these chest items).

The best thing about this patch is definitely some of the small god changes, my absolute favourite being the Jing Wei buff as I play her all the time at the moment, so this buff is totally welcomed by me! Her explosive bolts cooldown has decreased and her base basic attack damage and movement speed have been slightly increased. I also love the small change to Nemesis so now you can use basic attacks and abilities in between her dashes similar to Susano! Although this is a small change it could completely change the way she initiates and escapes.

Another thing I love is that Thoth’s ultimate now costs mana to cancel… I know this might sound like a bad thing, but when a Thoth player just sits in lane spamming the ability, the noise can get soooooo annoying as it’s so loud and off-putting. As I don’t play Thoth, I’m very pleased with this change.


Lastly, if you didn’t already know… This week Smite are having a Birthday event to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary so are holding a load of different things every day such as chest sales, enigma chest rolls, gem quests, worshiper boosters and loads more. Make sure you check out the schedule on the website (or follow the link below) so you don’t miss out on all the stuff going on from March 21st to March 27th . It’s also double login bonuses all week, the god pack is 50% off and gem packs are also 33% off so now is the time to buy if you’re thinking about it!

Oh, and Hi-Rez are doing another community skin vote, so make sure you take part in the surveys to have your say and you could have your skin design in the game! Just follow the link at the bottom of Smite’s birthday blog (link shown above) to get the latest on what stage of the vote they’re on.


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