GW2 10,000 Achievement Point Reward

After playing for just over 2 years, I finally reached 10,000 Achievement points and was able to claim this reward!

For every 500 Achievement points you get a small reward, some milestones rewarding you with a choice of the Zenith skins or a choice between the Radiant and Hellfire armour skins. For every 5000 Achievement points earned you get a much larger reward including 400 gems and a title.


For reaching 10,000 AP, I was awarded:

  • Massive Achievement Chest
  • “Acclaimed Achiever” Title
  • 30 Gold
  • 10 Laurels
  • 400 Gems
  • +1% Magic Find
  • +1% Karma Gain
  • +2% Experience Gain
  • Choice of a Zenith Weapon

I chose the Zenith Recurve Bow for no particular reason other than it was at the top of the list. I already own all the ones for the weapons I want and I don’t really like these skins much anyway (mainly because of the colour) so never use them since I have better ones.


This is what I got in the Massive Achievement Chest (everything in the Uncanny Jar bag slot, obviously excluding the bow skin I just mentioned):

  • 2 Catapult Blueprints (WvW)
  • 1 Arrow Cart Blueprint (WvW)
  • 2 Flame Ram Blueprints (WvW)
  • 5 Jugs of Liquid Karma (6750 karma per jug)
  • 25 Mystic Forge Stones (used to craft in the Mystic Forge)
  • 2 Heroic Boosters (Experience and Item booster lasting 2 hours per use)
  • 2 Revive Orbs (Instant revive when dead – useful for dungeons)
  • 2 Instant Repair Canisters (Instant armour repair – useful for dungeons)
  • 2 Bank Access Expresses (Access your bank from anywhere)
  • Box of Fun
  • Experience Scroll (used by a character under level 20 to get them straight to level 20)
  • Total Makeover Kit

The blueprints are useless to me as I don’t play WvW even though I’ll have to soon because I need the Gift of Battle to craft my legendary, so maybe I could keep them for that… but they’re pretty cheap to buy on the market anyway.

A total makeover kit is always nice to have, but I’m planning on saving this to use of my Revenant when I make one. I’ll probably use the gems to buy a new character slot and make a Charr Rev but I’m waiting until the March daily sales have ended in case the character slots go on sale.

I’ll probably use the gold to buy recipes for the Gifts of Blood, Totems, Dust, etc. that you need to buy to craft legendary weapons since I’ve nearly collected all the materials. Damn legendaries are super expensive and time consuming to make!


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