Smite Gothic Chest

Patch 4.4 was released earlier today, and with it came the new Gothic Chest and the updated Spring Holiday Chest.

If you want to see a list of everything in this chest, follow the link:

I have been so excited about the Dreadful Doll Izanami skin, but unfortunately it had to be in a 55 item chest… thanks Hi-Rez… It costs 200 gems per roll.

I already owned 22/55 of the items in this chest, so after researching on the Smite wiki and on Reddit, and finding out that the Nox Announcer pack was in this chest too, I just HAD to give it a few rolls. So this is what I got with 5 rolls:


Although I didn’t get the Izanami skin, I did get the Nox Announcer on my 2nd roll! I’m so happy as Nox is one of my rank 10s and probably my overall favourite. I don’t play Scylla a lot but I like the skin, and same goes for Chacc (but I want everything out of the Halloween chest so getting this for 200 gems means at least I saved on a 400 gem roll or a straight up buy at 600 gems). I’ve started to play Kukulkan a lot and recently got the exclusive Kuku skin for him, so now I can annoy my teammates with the voice pack! And I’ve been thinking about getting into playing Ullr so that’s okay too.

I’m hoping that during Smite’s anniversary week (starting 21st March) they’ll have gems on sale so I can roll this chest some more before it goes in 28 days.

*Update: I bought some gems since they were on sale and ended up rolling the whole chest…. Izanami was the 52nd item and The Morrigan was the 55th/final item. Unlucky for me. To be honest this 55 item chest has the best stuff in it anyway.

The Chibi Kukulkan skin was also added to the Spring Holiday chest along with the new Loki skin bundle.


I would’ve liked the Chibi Kuku skin but I’d much rather use the gems on the Gothic Chest as I’m not a great fan of the other skins in this chest. Check out the Smite wiki for the contents of this chest, but unfortunately at the time I’m posting this the contents of the Gothic Chest is not entirely listed.

Good luck with all your chest rolls!



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