GW2 2nd Year Birthday Gift

My 2nd character reached their 2nd birthday this week so I thought I’d share with you what I got in my 2nd birthday gift.

I received:

  • 1 birthday booster
  • Bag of spirit shards
  • Birthday Blaster
  • Experience Scroll

The birthday booster gives you 100% increase to experience, magic find, gold from kills and WvW reward progress and 10% to PVP progress which lasts 1 day.

The bag contained 5 spirit shards. These are used as currency with Miyani, the Mystic Forge vendor.

The experience scroll can be used on any character under level 20 to be immediately boosted to level 20, receiving all the rewards for levelling up as well. These can only be consumed by characters under level 20.

Lastly, the birthday blaster. This can be equipped by you character as shown in the picture. This will give you 2 options when wielding the birthday blaster, 1 will shoot a cake and 2 will shoot 3 cakes. When a player, including yourself, runs through these cakes they will be consumed. On consuming the cakes, a nourishment buff will be given to the player which increases all attributes by 40, 10% boost to karma gain, 15% boost to magic find and experience from kills which lasts 10 minutes.


When consuming a cake you will also get another boon called Sugar Rush (the blue cake icon shown in the picture above). This boon lasts 30 seconds which means during that 30 seconds you cannot consume another cake which gives other players a chance at gaining the cake’s buffs too. If you already have any other food nourishment buffs on you (displayed by the apple buff like in the picture below) then the cake’s buffs will not affect the player, likewise if food is consumed while the cake buff is still on the player.


As well as gaining these out of the birthday gift, you are also granted the title of “Veteran” shown in the screenshot above. This is account bound meaning it can be used on any character created on that player account.


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