So about my obsession with Guild Wars 2…

I spend most of my free time on Guild Wars 2. After just receiving my 2 year birthday gift on my first character and being just a few hours off having a total play time of 2000 hours, I thought I’d show my main character (from the 7 I have).

In total I have played this character for approximately 800 hours total, so over a 1/3 of my Guild Wars hours have been played using this character. She is a thief class (Daredevil with the Heart of Thorns expansion), human race and my current build uses the short bow and the Daredevil staff.

I’m currently crafting the legendary short bow “Chuka and Champawat” for this character. The precursor weapon “Tigris” can just be seen in the screenshot. It’s taking a lot of time to craft this and I’m sure I’ll talk about more it in the future.


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