Smite: 5.2 Patch Notes

Season 5 continues with patch 5.2 this week, coming to PC 13th Feb and console 20th Feb. There’s a new adventure coming with this patch as well as the final Ragnarok bundle and the release of the Limited Ragnarok Hades skin. I’m actually really excited about this patch as I loved the previous adventures and […]

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Smite: Season 4 Summary

With patch 5.1 coming to Smite tomorrow, I thought I’d do a review of Season 4. This Season we saw 9 gods released in game. Although this was a few less than the previous year, the quality and variation has been much better even though nearly half of these were Guardians! The Celtic Pantheon certainly […]

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Smite: 5.1 Patch Notes

Season 5 is finally here! I finished watching the Patch Notes show which lasted 2 hours… so you can imagine the amount of content in this patch. There are a whole bunch of new items, changed items, new skins, new Season Ticket and of course the awaited Conquest Map! This patch will be released on […]

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Smite: 4.25 Patch Notes

The last patch of Season 4 is upon us. Although this isn’t a large patch due to Season 5 being released in only a few weeks time (which will be a huge patch), patch 4.25 will include the new awaited god, Cerberus. I’ll also feature some teasers as to what’s to come in Season 5. […]

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New Year’s Resolutions!

2018 is here! As it’s been Christmas, I haven’t really had time to play games and get any content to blog with as I’ve been spending time with family. So with that in mind, I guess I’ll share my plans for my blog this year! I’m not normally the type to make any resolutions, but […]

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